The death of K-129: the USA wanted to steal a sunken Soviet submarines

History 08/02/20 the Death of K-129: the USA wanted to steal a sunken Soviet submarines

In 1968, for reasons unknown, sank the Soviet submarine K-129. USA has spent several hundred million dollars in an effort to obtain Soviet military secrets from the lost submarine. To do this they had to solve very non-trivial technical and technological problems.

the Project “Jennifer”

This female name is called the efforts of the CIA to raise the Soviet submarine K-129. February 24, 1968, the boat left the home base on the Kamchatka Peninsula on combat patrols, having on Board a nuclear ballistic missile underwater launch high power and two nuclear torpedoes. Would be enough for a small Apocalypse.

the K-129 could move in a submerged position at a speed of 12 knots endurance — 60 days, maximum diving depth — 300 m. 8 March, the submarine did not out. Main command of the Navy and command of the Pacific fleet launched an operation to search and rescue, held two months to remove more than 1,000 miles from Kamchatka, at depths of 500-600 m. the Search result is not given, the command decided that the boat was lost, the incident was classified. Did not return home 98 sailors.

Later, in the case entered the United States. They were anxious to take possession of military secrets to the Soviet Union, to get the encryption machine and nuclear warheads. In the area of the disaster went Oceanographic ship of the U.S. Navy “Mizar”, equipped with unique equipment. On account of the ship was successful to find two sunken us nuclear submarines. At the end of the second month near the Hawaii K-129 was found. From photographs, it became clear — the boat lies on an even keel, on the port side between the 2 and 3 compartments there is a hole.

the details of the project “Jennifer” can be found from the book by Vladimir Biryuk “Secret operations of the twentieth century: the history of secret services”. Feverish activity launched by the CIA. The total project budget byWesten, but spent was a lot, including the construction of two ships for unprecedented technology. Secrecy was the highest: shipbuilders didn’t even purpose built ships. Displacement of one of them, “Glomar Explorer”, — 36 thousand tons, at a cost of $350 million, It would seem, rather, on an alien machine from a science fiction movie than on any ship.

the project employed 4,000 people, and funding was partially claimed by the billionaire Howard Hughes. The project was supervised personally by the President of the United States Richard Nixon.

the Work to raise the K-129 began in 1974 and continued in 1975. the Soviet court watched the papers, but nothing could be done. “Glomar Explorer” captured the sunken Soviet submarine, and in July 1975 started lifting. When the work was vypolnenye 99%, the boat broke at the hole and again sank to the bottom. Nuclear missiles the Americans have not got, but they were able to raise part of the nose compartment, where the torpedoes survived. But simmelink was not all. In addition, the Americans got the bodies of 6 Soviet sailors dead, they were reburied at sea with the observance of military traditions of the Soviet Navy. The procedure was caught on film. The burial place is located 90 miles South-West from the site of the sinking submarine.

the Second phase of operation

not Officially recognizing the loss of the submarine, the Soviet command ordered patrols to the place of its discovery, with the authority to open hostilities, to prevent the rise of the rest of its parts. The patrol lasted six months.

Started working diplomats. But the Soviet arguments the Americans easily parried: the official statement on the death of the submarine was not, then, property at the bottom belongs to no one and raise it anyone can; over the dead is not mocked, on the contrary — some of them were buried with honors here make view. The situation is deadlocked, and both sides pretended that nothing was happening. However, washingtone decided work collapse.

What was the cause of the tragedy

the cause of the tragedy remained unknown. The most common version — unintentional ramming the K-129 who has followed her American submarine of the “Swordfish”. Version warm up evidence that one of the submarines of this class of waters, where the K-129, came to the base damage and up on repair. The Soviet Navy has formally adopted this version: the sinking of the boat through the mine RDP when charging the batteries due to technical malfunction of the valve and the failure of the prohibitive depth.

Some experts believe that when charging the batteries exploded hydrogen, which was the fault of the ventilation. The explosion caused a hole. Apparently, the truth is never know.

Konstantin Baranovsky

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