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Biography 15/12/19 the Death of “Indigirka”: as Sergei Korolev missed the boat “of death”

In December 1939 in the sea of Japan sank the steamer “Indigirka”. On Board were more than a thousand people. Most of them were former prisoners of the camps of Magadan. Among them was supposed to be Sergei Korolev, the Creator of a spacecraft in which Yuri Gagarin made his legendary flight.

the Arrest constructor

Sergei Pavlovich Korolev was arrested June night of 1938. As claimed Anastasia Hookah and Lydia atalanova, the author of “Sergei Korolev”, designer accused of membership in the Trotskyist anti-Soviet counter-revolutionary group and sabotage. All those arrested prior to this, scholars including Ivan kleimenova, Georgy Langemak, and Valentin Glushko, was the Queen of the testimony and confirmed that the walls of the Jet scientific research Institute there was indeed such an organization. Almost a year Sergey Pavlovich held in Butyrka prison.

Vladislav Artemov, the author of the book “Great names of Russia” writes that the result applied to the Queen of torture (resulting in a broken jaw and a concussion), he perjured himself and got 10 years in labor camps. At the end of April 1939 Sergei Pavlovich was on the Kolyma. He was engaged in so-called “General” works on a gold mine Maldyak. However, relatives of the Queen did not cease to fight for him. If you believe Anton Pervushin, the author of the publication “the Empire of Sergei Korolev”, serious work in this direction launched the mother of the designer.

the Ship of hope

the Actions of Maria Nikolaevna and Sergey Korolev, who also were not going to surrender, has borne fruit. According to Stanislav averkova, the author of the book “the Origins of Russian rocketry”, June 13, 1939, the Supreme court has cancelled the verdict of Sergei Pavlovich Military numberin the country, and referred the case for retrial. In December of the same year it was decided to move the Queen in the Vladivostok labor camp. Thence, according to Vasily avchenko, author of the book “Globus Vladivostok,” Kolyma nobody sent.

Korolev is generally high hopes for this “move”. Writes Mikhail Rebrov in his book “Sergei Korolev. The life and extraordinary destiny”, subsequently the designer confessed to her colleagues that another 2-3 months on the Kolyma, and he would not stand it. However, to the great regret of the Queen on a steamship “Indigirka” carrying prisoners of the Gulag, he was late: whether because of the sluggishness of guards, or for some other reason. Rebrov says that he watched the departing ship, the king cried. And in the morning came the news: “Indigirka” sank, killing about 700 people.


However, Vladivostok Sergei Korolev still got. According to Yaroslav Golovanov, the author of the book “Korolev: facts and myths”, the designer has reached those towns were on a small boat. From there, the Queen sent to Khabarovsk. By that time, exhausted by hard labour at the mine, many days of voyage across the icy sea, and of course, hunger and diseases, Sergey Pavlovich was a walking corpse. Despite this, Korolev survived. In March 1940 he was in Moscow, and in may of the same year he issued a new sentence of 8 years in labor camps. However, soon ITL the Queen was replaced by the work of the Special technical Bureau of the NKVD.

Sergei Korolev was released in the summer of 1944. In 10 years, mostly thanks to the Queen, launched the first artificial satellite. And after some time the designer has brought to life the dream of many scientists in the world – came to light space ship “Vostok-1”. It went into space, Yuri Gagarin. Despite such achievements, the king never forgot his past. Yaroslav Golovanov says that the CERga Pavlovich many times thought about how he missed the steamer “Indigirka”. He considered this case a real sign of destiny.

Yulia Popova

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