The death of Beria: what were the questions

History 17/02/20 Death Beria: what were the questions

the death of the head of the world power always entails an imminent struggle for power, even if was designated the official successor. Action environment of Stalin, suddenly departed in the spring of 1953 was no exception to the rule. Party and military officials, rightly fearing possible reprisals by L. P. Beria, accused him of treason, and executed. The only question is when it was done unlawfully during the arrest or after the trial with observance of all legal formalities?

a Conspiracy of like-minded

the Fact that the party elite, tired of the constant cleansing of their ranks during the life of Stalin, try to eliminate Beria, concentrated in its hands the levers of the special services of the USSR, doubts at anybody did not cause. The ensuing struggle for power was not a revelation for most of Lavrenty Pavlovich. However, he planned to get out of it a winner, but miscalculated. He betrayed even the closest friend and ally Malenkov, was immediately appointed Chairman of the USSR Council of Ministers. It should be noted that Beria largely killed overconfidence. In his possession was not only the whole repressive apparatus of the country, but a huge package of documents, compromising all the country’s leaders. He knew all the secret pages of their biographies that they themselves would like to forget.

However, as the proverb says, don’t put the cat in the corner. In the situation exactly like this cat felt the country’s leaders and the party left after the death of Stalin one on one with Lavrenty Pavlovich. But they had no real power, which could rely in opposition to their main rival for power in the country. In this situation the important role of the military, recently published the winners of the shelterava war of mankind. Military generals were able to act quickly and decisively, moreover, behind them was the army, and the authority of G. K. Zhukov was indisputable.

Soon the Plenum (2-7 July 1953), taking advantage of the absence of Beria, the party bosses had formulated the charges, which had planned to bring his victim. Beria was going to blame it on: creating a nervous situation in the circle of people surrounding Stalin; spying on members of the state and party leadership; criminal relations with Josip Broz Tito; the desire to organize a unified state of bourgeois Germany, and in his youth in the exploration of the capitalist countries – Azerbaijan and Georgia.

Beria’s Execution: the release of the official

When the fate of Beria was finally decided, the question arose about how to implement the plans. Further variants of development of events differ substantially. According to the official version, Beria was arrested at a meeting of the Presidium of the USSR Council of Ministers on 26 July 1953 a group of military men led by Zhukov. However, the participants of this event later in different ways describes its details. However, slight inconsistencies in their words it is possible to explain desire of every to ascribe the chief merit in this case. After the arrest of L. P. Beria was placed in the brig of the bunker headquarters of the Moscow military district. Here was held a closed trial and execution of Beria on 23 December 1953.

the version of the adherents of the theory of a conspiracy: tried double

Most surprising is that, according to some researchers, was not arrested Beria and his double, specially prepared for such cases. He was shot on 23 December 1953. Moreover, this hypothesis emerged almost immediately after the events and was quite popular in the corridors of power in those years. First, the court Beria somehow did not recognize his former colleagues who are not involved in a conspiracy against him. Second, historians have not found the act of cremation teating L. P. Beria, while similar documents for cremation executed on the same day his closest deputies survived. Thirdly, the well-known memoirs of contemporaries, who argue that, according to them, the day of the arrest in a mansion Beria was heard automatic gunfire, and then out of the building issued under the tarp body, which, according to the contours could belong to Beria. The main proponent of this version is the son of L. P. Beria, Sergo.

About how it all happened actually, we will likely never know. Intelligence agencies are able to keep their secrets.

Dmitry Sokolov

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