The court sentenced the convicts in the case of the escape attempt from custody in Novosibirsk psychiatric hospital

the Railway district court of Novosibirsk has sentenced two defendants in the case about the attempt to escape from custody and assault on government representatives. Information about this appeared on the website of the regional Prosecutor’s office.

At the end of the hearing it was established that on March 21, 2019 39-year-old Maxim Gorbatko and 36-year-old Valeriy Polutov tried to escape from custody in the municipal psychiatric hospital, where he was sent for the forensic examination.

— Distributed among themselves the role of Polutov found a metal pipe of the bed and similar to the knife thing, and Gorbatko under the false pretext asked the convoy officers to provide him with medical care because of alleged poor health. When Gorbatko escorted to the medical post, Palatov struck both guards with a metal pipe blows to the head. After that, the attackers began to put together multiple punches to the head and body of employees of the escort service. Male was stopped by officers of National Guard troops of Russia, — said on the website of the Prosecutor of the Novosibirsk region.