The court sent to jail the former Director of

the Central district court of Novosibirsk has arrested the Novosibirsk businessman Oleg Yarovoy. He was sent to jail for a month.

the Message on it appeared on the website of the Central district court.

— 16.07.2020 the Central district court of Novosibirsk against the accused Spring O. A. the measure of restraint in form of detention for a period of 1 month 25 days, i.e. until September 8, 2020, — stated in the message.

Spring was the Chairman of the Board of Directors of “VINAP”, ran the factory “Screen” “RATM-Holding”, and in 2018, together with his partner Andrey Kharlanov bought in Omsk several management companies, formerly controlled by the structure of NPO “Mostovik” housing “Service”.