Of Genk and The city of Genk (be), a licence was given to the H. Essers is to be built on the former Hörmann-site, in the industrial area of Genk-Noord. Environmental organisation BOS+ and does not set up the plans for the replacement of the original Essersbos and filed a complaint against the complex. Also, the expansion of the Woudstraat, it would be a nine-hectare wood should be removed.

the Ships of the Economy, to Show Vandeurzen (CD&V) to confirm that the city’s administration the green light to give it. “We are very happy with the choice and the fact that we are in the province of Limburg to be able to expand,” says the ship. “After all, it’s well over 110 new jobs in Belgium. Furthermore, we are trying as much as possible, the requirements of the object-making organisations to respond. This is the will of H. Essers to compensate for it with twelve acres of woods in the Oudsbergen, and will not be harvested during the hunting season. Furthermore, the company will do everything it can to make the new site will be as green as possible. A total of 15% of the total company area is reserved for greenery. In addition, it is also clear that the site is in the area of mobility, not for vrachtwagenverkeer will look after it.”

The bosplan, a non-existent legal document, so

Despite the fact that it is located on the industrial land is located, set the WOOD+ that it is valuable in a forest that is mainly made up of pine and mixed oak forest, with a pine. However, according to the ships Vandeurzen is going to be the planning for industrial land. “WOOD+ is based on the bosplan an idea of the former minister of the Environment and of the Environment, Joke Schauvliege, which would have to be entered, but has never been firmed up. They allow, therefore, therefore, a legal document, so that it doesn’t exist,” said Vandeurzen.

BOS+ got its start, however, at home, following a proceeding against the clearing of twelve acres of the so-called ” Essersbos’. We do not need to be the environmental organization, so even an objection against the transfer of the business of the Transportlaan, and the nearby Woudstraat, so that the Transportlaan, enough space is made available for the pharmaceuticals division to grow and expand. “WOOD+ calls to a different location, but of course, this is all for an alternate location and angle for the h. Essers, says Vandeurzen.