The chef from packages: how to survive indoor catering and who went to work as waiters

Novosibirsk restaurateurs realized that the current situation, it seems, for a long time, and trying to get used to a new reality. The only way to sell something to customers has been to deliver. It would seem that in this field for a long time the big players with lots of experience — primarily “Yandex.Food” and Delivery Club. However, not everyone likes the terms of these giants. Caterers only have to create their own from scratch. How they get it — in the review of Stas Sokolov.

Chef bags

On Lenin street is Ruslan Korobov — probably the most well-known Novosibirsk chef (if at all possible to speak about some famous people of these professions in the province). In the hands of the pizza box and the bag in which containers with ready meals. This year Boxes have launched their own small project Boxes, but, like many food establishments, it was closed at the end of March. Now the food is of the gastropub are clients to your home or office. Sometimes it makes itself Ruslan — an extra set of hands now, no.