The Championship Of England.

In the English football Premier League launched a program of the 26th round. Going to the 9th place in the table, “Wolverhampton” played at the home arena of “Lester”, which closes the three leaders of the giants after Liverpool and Manchester city. Rivals really wanted to score, but the match ended in a goalless draw.

After a protracted exploration teams have tried to sharpen the game, and in the middle of the match counter-pressure has reached apogee. As a result, the referee Mike Dean for a short time gave four warnings to cool passions. However, in the 76th minute, the midfielder guests Coduri received a second yellow card and was sent off. But even the numerical advantage is not allowed the “wolves” score.

After the goalless draw 0:0 Leicester a point closer to “my Teams” and “wolves” even climbed to 7th place, giving the future season the right to play in European competitions. But most of all, competitors, “Wolverhampton”, who have a game in stock, will try to get the “wolves” that position in the games of the weekend.