In european football, The uefa Champions League final in the following season (2020-2021) will be played in russia’s St Petersburg, the UEFA announced today. In the years after his Munich and London-hosts. It’s interesting for the Belgian teams from the knock-out stages of the Europa League this season, with a VAR that is used.

At a conference in Slovenia, was the European football body, UEFA, announced that St. Petersburg is the host city of the final match of 2021. The Gazprom-Arena – named after one of the co-sponsors of the uefa Champions League and the home ground of Zenit is the setting of the game. In the following year it was the turn of Munich’s Allianz Arena home team Bayern Munich (germany). Wembley Stadium is in London, then again in 2023, the place to be. Never went to the CL final in Saint-Petersburg, russia. The Allianz Arena was once more in 2012 as the host. At the heart of london, it was the most important trophy for European clubs, eight times awarded for the last time in 2013.

as VAR in the League, and the new clubcompetitie

more and more Important for the Belgian teams that will be competing in the Europa League and has been since the second round, use will be made of a videoref, that is not the case in the group stage.

2021 will come to the CHANCE with a new league. The CHAMPIONS of Europe Conference League. β€œIn order to have more clubs with the opportunity to have European football to play, what it sounds like. How is the competition it will look like this, it is not yet clear.

A division of the Nations League now has 16 instead of 12 countries

After you have the first edition (2018-2019), the Nations League is working with the European Champions have already been in the new landencompetitie, which this year was won by the Portuguese. Since the second edition, there is A division, of 16 instead of 12 countries. The UEFA announced Tuesday.This means that, in Germany, Croatia, turkey, norway, Iceland, and Poland are in the top division are allowed to take office. In the first edition of the degraded, they still have the B-division.

Belgium is in the ” A ” division. The Red Devils were in the first edition of the close up of the Final Four, with the four group winners in the A division, but they lost the decisive game in the group, surprisingly with a 5-2 to Switzerland, after being 0-2 and were featured in the Luzern.De this is the draw for the second edition will take place on the 3rd of march 2020, Amsterdam, the netherlands.