The cause of the shooting during the summer bachelor: Novosibirsk police have arrested two participants

Novosibirsk police have arrested two suspects from a group of individuals started a fire in SNT Izumrud during a bachelor party on June 13. That day in the street Light, one person died and seven were injured.

One of the defendants tried to hide in the Kemerovo region, however, was also detained by the police. Detainees — residents of Novosibirsk at the age of 33 and 40 years old, the youngest of them previously convicted for deliberate causing of heavy harm to health, — noted in press-service GU MVD in the region.

Now the police are continuing to establish their partners. According to investigators, the suspects of hooliganism was opened by a group of people shooting from a traumatic gun. They also attacked opponents with shovels and rebar.