Antwerp, belgium, In the Antwerp Diamond quarter is the last night in a spectacular way-a burglary to a juwelier.De the offenders pushed the case through an opening in the wall of the building opening. They were also burning, and acid, to cover their tracks. There are in jewelry stolen, with a value of eur 300 000.

It looks like the script for an exciting film. In a jewelry store at the corner of the Lange Kievitstraat, and the Simonsstraat to the Central train Station in Antwerp, was last night broken into by a hole-in-the-wall for an adjacent building. And the ostensibly well-prepared perpetrators know in their tracks, and after the end of that, maybe with the aid of hydrochloric acid. The fire department is provided in the protective order, it was safe to be clean so that the officers can do their job.

“I think it should be the perpetrators lived in the adjoining house”, sigh, jeweler and Women of the hit the case of Al-Thwaini. “Because you get not just the inside, and also knew of the burglary, exactly where they were supposed to be in a small corner of the basement. There was a ten-to-twenty percent of all jewelry in my shop. It has been stolen for a total value of 250.000 to 300.000 euros.”


“They have to be three hours, dug, and drilled, and have, no doubt, they use the water to do this as quietly as possible. They knew where the cameras hang and crawling on the floor to get the alarm to go off. The surveillance video shows the burglar crept, as if he was on the bottom of the pool, swam,” the jeweler continued. “We are the only store in Antwerp and jewellery sells with a 21-carat gold. The intruders knew exactly where they were talking about. It’s going to be the professionals.”

The break-in was this morning, as has been noted, the investigation is now in the hands of the federal court politie.De the facts do that is somewhat reminiscent of the bankkraak, who in February took place on the Belgiëlei. Then, the perpetrators of a tunnel from a neighboring building to the sewage disposal system of the kluizenzaal, a subsidiary of BNP Paribas Fortis bank to the west.