The bullet Panarin was counted correctly

Forward of “new York Rangers” Artemiy Panarin did not violate the rules during the execution of the bullet, and his attempt to be counted the rule. NHL on its official website issued a statement.

Playing time of the match between “Minnesota Wilde” – “new York Rangers” ended in a draw 3:3. The winner was decided in the penalty shootout. In the performance of his attempts Artemiy Panarin has made several feints before sent the puck into the goal.

#PlayLikeANewYorkers Artemi Panarin shootout goal was reviewed — good goal

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this performance of the bullet has raised questions from the judges. According to the rules of executing the penalty shot hockey player must advance the puck toward the goal line. The actions Panarin saw movement to the side. However, after the video replay the try was disallowed. Coach of “Minnesota” Bruce Boudreau was unhappy with this decision. “I may be blind, but I didn’t see that the puck was moving forward at the end of the bullet” — quoted Boudreau RIA Novosti.

However, the NHL considered the actions of the referees are correct. “The puck was counted properly, because the organization kept her in a constant motion towards the goal line,” reads the statement of the League.