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According to Oleg Smyslov, author of “Traitors and murderers of 1941-1945”, the Chairman of the Military colleagues of the Supreme court was never distracted by the procedural niceties. Vasily Ulrich had handed down death sentences for 20 minutes. Despite the fact that abuse Ulrich was dismissed, no serious consequences for him, this fact had not.

Climbing the ladder

Vasily Ulrich was born in 1889 in Riga. There, according to the encyclopedic dictionary of biography “Legal science and legal ideology” edited by Vladimir Raw, Ulrich graduated from the Polytechnic University. Even while studying at the Institute a young revolutionary he joined the social democratic labour party. A few months after graduation he was drafted into the Imperial army. Service that Vasily was completed with the rank of Lieutenant, he passed in the battalion. Despite the officer rank and noble origin, after the October revolution, Ulrich quickly found his place. It was easy. Especially with the coming to power of the Bolsheviks Lieutenant in the army remained.

according to Alexander Zvyagintsev, the author of “Prosecutors of the two eras. Andrei Vyshinsky and Roman Rudenko”, Ulrich found himself in the troops of the NKVD-VCHK and initially held a relatively modest post of head of the Finance Department. Subsequently Vasily was content to various posts in the people’s Commissariat of internal Affairs. However, by fate he found himself in a system of military tribunals, Ulrich literally soared up the career ladder. In February 1920 he was appointed Chairman of the Supreme military Tribunal of the troops of internal security, and the following year became Chairman of the Military Collegium of the Supreme court of the RSFSR (1926 – USSR).

On a post of the Chairman of the Military Collegium of

AndMenno in the chair of the Military Collegium of Vasily Ulrich showed himself. Through the hands of this man with a “gentle smile”, as described by the Estonian politician, Otto Tief, there have been numerous cases, including the sensational. According to Boris Chekhonin, author of “Memories: from Stalin to Putin,” Ulrich, who loved to be personally present at all (and even exit) meetings in total have issued more than 30 thousand death sentences. And that’s not counting long-term, according to which the defendants went to the camps. Even the process relating to serious crimes against the state, lasted, as a rule, no more than 20 minutes and almost always ends in a conviction.

So, that Ulrich was sentenced to death Mildu droule, wife of Leonid Nikolayev, who murdered Sergei Kirov. Vasily presided during the trial of Zinoviev and Kamenev. According to Simon Sebag Montefiore, who wrote the book “Stalin. Yard red monarch”, the leader personally ordered Ulrich and Deputy Prosecutor General Vyshinsky to say the old Bolsheviks to death. At different times before Ulrich appeared Tukhachevsky, skins, Vlasov, Krasnov, Semenov, Rodzaevsky. It is worth noting that the Chairman of the Military colleagues are not only making decisions, but did not disdain to carry them. At least, this fact is mentioned in his book “Unrepentant Cain. Crime of the past centuries” Sergey Stepanov-Proselytes.

an Entomologist-Amateur on new posts

the post of Chairman of the Military Collegium of the Supreme court of the USSR Vasily Ulrich was more than 20 years. During this time he was an extraordinary performance. Sometimes in the day he was considered to 30 cases. According to David North, the author of the book “In defense of Leon Trotsky”, the work of the staff of the Board was considered a heavy, so the room for discussion for them a rich table. Cheese, sausage, caviar, chocolate and other delicacies Ulrich preferred to drink cognac. In addition to food, washiLee V. loved insects: according to contemporaries, he was an avid entomologist.

However, apparently, on Hobbies Ulrich was quite a bit of time. And after Vasily was removed from the post of Chairman of the Military Collegium, weekend it is only slightly more than before. According to Valentin Leskov, the author of the book “Stalin and Tukhachevsky conspiracy”, despite the fact that in 1948, Ulrich was charged with abuse, it actually just moved from one position to another. After his discharge, he was appointed head of training at the Military law Academy. However, in a new role, Vasily Ulrich didn’t stay long. He died after only 3 years of his death 61-year-old former Chairman of the Board has struck a stroke.

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