The blitzkrieg of Hitler: why he really came up with Budyonny

History 07/02/20 Blitzkrieg of Hitler: why he really came up with Budyonny

Franz Halder was the one who lost the war on the Eastern front, he commanded German forces in major campaigns in 1941 and 1942, after which the Wehrmacht lost the strategic initiative and then only delayed its final defeat. Graduate from the Bavarian military Academy a good old Kaiser sourdough – 1914, in 1938, Halder was appointed chief of staff of the German army and remained so until 24 September 1942 until Hitler fired him to resign. The strategy of blitzkrieg allowed the Germans to win in 1939-1940 Europe, in Russia is not realized. But before you go on to Halder assessment of the reasons for the failure of the Wehrmacht, remember what blitzkrieg is and how it appeared.

can be called a blitzkrieg (or “procollection”) strategy of the German wars against Denmark (1864), Austria (1866) and France (1871) that all these wars were really “a lightning-fast and victorious” (adjusted for the technical capabilities of the era), and the victory was achieved a fast and powerful punches. But the First world war were not allowed to fight so immediately and then the army became massive, and break them in a few weeks it became impossible: the infantry had time to dig in and start the “trench warfare”.

the Idea of using mass mobile forces that were able to defeat the enemy before he dug in, lying on the surface. After the First world war, the largest conflict in Europe became a Civil war in Russia (1917 – 1922). Here this idea was first adopted, and several generals. Similar tactics were used, for example, “father” of Nestor Makhno, with its dozens of machine-gun carts. But the most famous and even renowned it was the First Cavalry army of Semyon Budyonny. So the “blitzkrieg” once again became relevant.

PracticalCesky regardless Budennogo after the First world war in Germany, General Hans von Sekt thought through as in future wars, German troops could solve the same task – to prevent trench warfare. Sects developed blitzkrieg tactics, which is then modified Guderian, Halder, Hitler, and others. He came to the conclusion that Germany to achieve the “lightning speed” of the actions of its troops does not need the cavalry, which was used for this Budyonny, and tanks and planes. But in fact, the tactical idea of the Sect was the same as at Budyonny. Sects secret from the allies broke the Treaty of Versailles in 1919 and led the secret development and testing is prohibited for the Germans military tanks and aircraft and was responsible for training pilots and tank crews.

From the diary of Franz Halder, it follows that he considered the use of mass mobile connections by the invention of Semyon Budyonny (of course, refers to the First Cavalry army) (F. Halder, Military diary. M., 1968-1971, recording from 23.06.1941). In the diaries of Halder mentioned Budyonny along with Timoshenko and Voroshilov as “the best people of the Russian Supreme command” at the beginning of the war. Budyonny he valued also for excellent General leadership of the troops and the conduct of offensive operations “operational scale”. In the summer of 1941, Halder feared that Budenny is concentrated in the depth of the defense in the rear of the movable connection, and then deal a powerful counter-attack by units of the Wehrmacht.

However, Budyonny was the exception. In General, the Soviet high command, according to Halder, was “tactically much weaker than” German. Russian tactics Halder were very critical (if not contemptuous), especially in the first days of the war. In July 1941 he wrote: “Russian tactics of the offensive: three-minute fire attack, then pause, then infantry attack, shouting “hurrah” in depth combat system (up to 12 wavelengths) without the support of heavy weapons fire, even in cases when the attacks are from long range. Hence the incredibly large losses Russian”.

the Tactics of Russian tanks Halder, too, was called mediocre. But such evaluation, the chief of the German General staff put the red army not for long – soon he had to admit that Russian tactics of the First Cavalry army was not in place, and that the Russians have something to counter the German “blitzkrieg”. Soviet infantry and tanks and aircraft, almost everywhere replaced the joints moving the horses, holding the German tank wedges and in the end foiled the plan “lightning war”. Halder and other German generals who later lamented that underestimated the enemy, is able to generate tactical ideas are not worse than “blitzkrieg”, and therefore lost.

Konstantin Dmitriev

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