Abroad, A Belgian tourist has been rescued from a nursery that is about 3 minutes away, at the bottom of a swimming pool was located in Italy. That is reported in the local newspaper, the La Nazione of Florence. The Belgian player said the pre-schooler and at the same time, he is in the pool, dived in. The guy was in a helicopter at a hospital in Florence to be charged. He has a lot to it.

The tragedy happened on Monday and something for the 17 hours, in a dream location in Tuscany, a country house on a hill, close to Saline Di Volterra. According to the La Nazione popped up deBelg in the resort’s ‘Tuscany Forever’ in a swimming pool with a depth of 1.60 m. When he opened his eyes, he saw a boy of 3.5 years old, at the bottom of it. The German kindergarten and it was there, along with his father, (37), mom (36), and older sister are on a vacation.

The Belgian rider picked the boy up with his feet back to the surface and raised the alarm. A doctor and a dentist, who is in the same resort on holiday, had served as the first toe.De the emergency services arrived with a ambulance on the spot, and called in a helicopter to take the victim to the hospital, in Florence, to spend.