With a record of 1 million guests passed last year to spend at least one night in a hotel on the coast. This increase is due to the guests outside of the summer season at the seaside to go to. Over the past few years, more rooms have been added.

“The market has broadened, not only in this season. We are aiming for the winter, and the naseizoenen, because a lot of the people a moment like this”, says Fabian of Buffalo, owner of a boutique-style hotel is in Ostend (belgium). He has invested 1.6 million euros in the renovation of the hotel, when he saw that his guests not only in summer, were registered.

for More hotel rooms,

Buffalo, is not the only one who is in a hotel on the coast investeert.De in recent years, there have been, on the coast and more than 800 hotel rooms have been added. In 2013, there were 5.521, in the past year, there were already 6.331. It’s going to be an increase of 15% for a 50 million euro investment.

“the Big players in the past few years, the effort to invest in our coast, take a look at the Accorgroep and C-class hotels. Also, the smaller players are investing in the coast. Some entrepreneurs choose to be in small boutique hotels with between eight and twenty rooms,” says Liesbet by professor billiet, kustmanager, of Westtoer, the provinciebedrijf for tourism and recreation West-Flanders, belgium.

The average occupancy at the coast, on the best highlights for supreme 80%, with the peak year of 2018. “Last year we had a record-breaking 1 million of the arrivals at the hotels along the coast. It remains, therefore, on average, for a couple of nights, that is to say, more than two million overnight stays in hotels were, in 2018, on our coast,” said Liesbet by professor billiet.

Westtoer is expected that in the next few years, at least another 200 hotel rooms will be added.

550.000 day trips to the sea during the autumn mid-term break

In total, last autumn, about 550.000 tourists out to the sea. That’s a little less than that in 2018. Then there were some 600,000 tourists to the coast. This has a lot to do with the weather this year. During the mid-week, it was back to the sea, with a suit, brighter. Which was of 200,000 passengers. The volatility of the extended weekend and visited by 150,000 tourists to the coast.

Hotels recorded occupancy rate of approximately 70% in the summer and 60 percent during the middle of the week.