A Time-out to Victor Campenaerts will appear tomorrow and be fresh shaven for the start of the world CHAMPIONSHIPS time trial. The Belgian from team Lotto-Soudal ran for the past couple of days around the house with a big beard, but he went there tonight and finish. That is, had the former European champion against the clock, we promise. ‘Vocsnor’ there was, however, in order to have a strong mustache.

“You will, I don’t have a time trial or some other important game away with a beard,” said Campenaerts in the past about it. “You may call it superstition. In 2015, I have been on the track for a achtervolgingswedstrijd driven, with a long beard. I drove very slowly. In an effort of about five minutes, I did this for ten seconds, slower than in the previous year. I was totally in love.”

“A week later he was the national champion in the program, but due to bad chase was demoralized. So I decided to get my beard hairs and all of a sudden, I got ten seconds faster. I would have had to be very very similar, if only that beard was in place, it then follows, for each of the main course, however, is a performance.” Normally takes Campenaerts themselves to the blade over this evening, he showed up for the first time to shave.