The battle in Mogadishu: the biggest failure of the elite special forces USA

History 22/02/20/f Drop black astramarine in Mogadishu: the biggest failure of the elite special forces of the U.S.

on 3 October 1993 was a black date in the military history of the United States. During the RAID to capture the leader of the Somali rebels, Mohammed Aidid, American forces lost a tenth of men, but never reached the goal.

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In 1991, in Somalia armed opposition ousted President Mohammed Siad Barre. The country faces a new round of civil confrontation that led to the devastation and terrible famine, which killed at least 300 thousand people.
in the Spring of 1992, the UN Security Council established the mission, the purpose of which was the food supply of the inhabitants of the Somali Republic. However, with convoys began to be hampered in the face of local armed groups. Food could bring, but paid militants duties. Moreover, even missed the commodities rarely reached those in need.
the UN decided to protect the humanitarian convoys to enter Somalia in a limited peacekeeping contingent, which included representatives of 20 countries, including the United States. However, the international intervention in the internal Affairs of the Republic of hostility perceived by the leader of the Somali national Alliance (SNA), Mohammed Aideed, who actually declared war on the peacekeepers.

the Situation is complicated by

Fighting between UN forces and the rebels began after the cessation of broadcasting of the radio station of the SLEEP, which, according to representatives of the UN, did nothing that was engaged in incitement. 5 June 1993 peacekeeping force suffered its first casualties. First, in a prepared ambush were shot 24 Pakistani soldiers, later in the day, the militants attacked several groups of peacekeepers.
In response, the U.S. air force inflicted a series of blows on bases of insurgents, destroying the headquarters of the SLEEP, radio dom Aideed. However, such actions only complicate relations with the local population, many of whom took to the United States openly hostile position. However, the heads of the UN demanded that the peacekeeping contingent of the arrest, or in extreme cases eliminate Aidid. The head of the leader of the militants put up a reward of 25 thousand dollars.
the operation to capture Aidid put on the U.S. military leadership, which in Somalia have been introduced tactical group of special forces – Ranger. After spending a few very controversial and very unsuccessful operations, the us military decided to temporarily switch from Aideed’s his closest associates.

a Bad day for “Ranger”

the Goal of the US command was the lobster salad – Advisor to Aideed, who on 3 October 1993 after anti-American rally was to stay in the white three-storey house near the hotel “Olympic” in the midst of the slums of the capital of Somalia, Mogadishu. According to some information there might dwell and the Aideed.
Blocks “Black sea” (so called by the Americans the area) was inhabited mostly by supporters of Aideed, who had an impressive Arsenal of weapons. According to various estimates, there were from 2 to 6 thousand fighters and militias, “Rangers” were going to conduct an operation force 160. This situation the Americans did not Bode well.
the Operation was launched at 15:00. American troops with helicopters using “fast ropes” landed on the desired building and pelted the courtyard of assault grenades. However has not passed also minutes, as “Rangers” of neighboring buildings collapsed heavy fire. This reaction of the rebels became for Americans a very unpleasant surprise.
nevertheless, the commandos managed to capture lobster Salada and 23 members of the SLEEP (Mohammed Aideed in the house was not). The leaders of the militants and the guards managed to put in pulled up to the place of operation “hammer”, however, the road to freedom was long. The streets of Mogadishu in a matter of hours phave prevratilis barricades and approaching the next obstacle American convoy was subjected to severe shelling.
During loading of a column of rebels was shot down one American helicopter in which there were 6 soldiers. “Rangers” were forced to send some soldiers to protect a fallen machine, but on arrival at the scene they found themselves encircled by rebel forces. A gun battle ensued. About the ferocity of the battle is the fact that in a few hours the enemy was released at least 60000 rounds.
With each passing hour, the situation for eighty surrounded by the us military was getting worse. Run out of ammo, water and medical supplies. Only late at night after the arrival of reinforcements from the peacekeeping force “Rangers” with the big losses managed to break out of encirclement. Early on the morning of October 4, they were already at the location of the Pakistani army.

this does not happen again

For all the fighting in the streets of Mogadishu “Rangers” slain lost 18 people, another 84 soldiers were wounded. In addition, the rebels destroyed three helicopters “Black hawk”, three “hammer” and one truck. Given that the operation involved elite us special forces, its results were recognized as catastrophic. The failure in Somalia painfully took the U.S. Secretary of defense Les Espin, who immediately resigned.
the Incident in Mogadishu in the United States caused a public outcry that could not react to President bill Clinton. On his orders all military operations in Somalia were curtailed, and by March 31, 1994, the scheduled final withdrawal of American troops from the country. With the leader of the Somali opposition Aideed had signed an indefinite ceasefire.
Operation in Mogadishu became the last, which involved such a large land division of the American troops. Now the Pentagon will be more careful with the lives of their military, preferring to rely on air strikes. In 2001, Ridley Scott made the film “Black hawk down”, dedicated to the tragic events of October 1993.

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