History 03/02/20 “the Battle for the village of Stebliv”: as 10 children, he defended the village from the Germans

in the Winter of 1941 the group of teenagers headed by a veteran of the Finnish war has been in direct combat to repel the attack of the Germans on their village. According to the memoirs of participants in the battle, Anatoliy Nikolaev, who in 1941 was 13 years old, they just got lucky. Enemies do not understand that fighting with children, misjudged their strength.

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In October 1941, a small village of Stebliv, located 15 km from the town of Volokolamsk was occupied by German troops. According to the recollections of local residents, in the enemy garrison was the Germans and the French, which took away from the villagers products and took them home. In mid-December, out of fear of the advancing troops of Colonel Porphyria chanchibadze the invaders left the village. The soldiers didn’t stay in the Stem and continued to drive the enemy.

Felt the “charm” of the occupation, local residents decided to organize a troop to defend the village. As able-bodied men in the Stem left, the volunteers went to local teenagers and orphans from the orphanage adjacent the Iosifo-Volotsky monastery. In the combined unit consists of ten boys aged 11 to 16 years. The command took over veteran Ivan Volodin, who lost his leg during the Finnish war. The Volokolamsk regional specialists have found that fighters name: Roofing Volodin (son of commander), Vanya Derivano, Pavel Nikanorov, Anatoly Nikolaev, Victor Pechnikov, nick Pechnikov, Vladimir Rozanov, Ivan Ryzhov, Peter Trofimov, Sasha Krylov.

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the Germans retreated rapidly and left the village a lot of ammunition and weapons, among which, besides infantry rifles, was a gun. The Volokolamsk regional specialists have found that Volodin showed his men how to use rifles, and held target practice. After training, the boys dug in deep snow on the outskirts of the village network of trenches, and lay down.

on the Morning of 15 deof December to the village was approached by German motorcyclists of the rifle shot Sasha Krylov. Day approached the main forces of the enemy. By order of Volodya’s guys, after a few sighting shots, ran to another firing point. After a long firefight, the Nazis, thinking that here dwelt a large guerrilla army retreated.

Ensconced in a nearby village, the night and the morning of 17 December, the Germans shelled the Stem of the mortars. Four houses burned down, but the casualties among the local was not. Later came the bomber, from which the soldiers and local people took refuge in the woods. Dropping a few bombs, the plane flew away. Day 17 of December in the village included soldiers of the red Army. Thanks to the skillful guidance of veteran Ivan Volodin no one was killed or injured. The squad completed its task and not let the enemy in the village, although all the neighboring towns, the Germans destroyed.

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