In the Austrian parliament, the government has called for in the agreement between the European Union and the southern common market (Mercosur does not have to approve it, due to doubts around the commitment of Brazil to respect for the environment. In the Amazon jungle rages have been severe to burn. President Jair Bolsonaro is being accused of is not that of burning to take action.

The free trade agreement between the European Union and the countries of the southern common market (Mercosur-Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay) was adopted in June, completed after twenty years of negotiations. In order to be effective must be in all of the EU member states to agree to ratify.

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as Four of the five parties in the Austrian parliament yesterday that the government has imposed in order for the agreement to be signed. “Austria and the southern common market (Mercosur agreement, reject it,” said a member of parliament from the conservative ÖVP and the former minister of the Environment, Elisabeth Köstinger. “In South America’s tropical forests had been destroyed by fire, for a grassland and create a cheap beef meat to Europe.”

The president of france Emmanuel Macron had to be there at the end of August, had threatened to make to the agreement will not be signed, because the Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro “lie” about its commitment to the benefit of the environment. Ireland is also opposed to it for that reason opposed the ratification of the agreement.

Empowerment to freeze

Luxembourg, but again, knowing the endorsement to be want to freeze it, while countries such as Germany and Spain, have called for the historic agreement to be signed. The european president, Donald Tusk, warned in August that the ratification of the agreement will be difficult, as the large forest fires in the brazilian Amazon to continue.