The 3 most famous assassination attempt on Brezhnev

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History is an insidious thing. Who would have thought that the era of Brezhnev, referred to as stagnation, today will seem like a Golden age. It is not surprising that the safety of the leader of the Soviet Union in those years was under the close supervision of the security services. However, according to employees of “nine” Brezhnev, was one of the most problematic of protected persons.

His coat

Most interesting is that, according to former employees of the 9th Department of the KGB of the USSR it would be easier to describe things that do not need to bail Leonid Brezhnev, than to tell about all the incidents during his guard. The most notorious attack on Brezhnev on 22 January 1969, when the mentally ill Junior Lieutenant of the Soviet army Viktor Ilyin was shot by government motorcade entering the Borovitsky gate of the Kremlin. Cases of egregious. Stealing from his uncle’s police overcoat, the failed “killer” miraculously was able to get inside the Kremlin and embark on the inner side of the gate. At this moment in the Kremlin drove the delegation of the solemn meeting of the cosmonauts crews of spacecraft “Soyuz-4 and Soyuz-5”. One known to him the cause Ilyin missed the first car and opened fire with two hands on the windshield of the second car. But Brezhnev wasn’t in that car. Passengers the government of the ZIL were the cosmonauts Georgi Beregovoi, Alexei Leonov, Andrian Nikolayev and his wife Valentina Nikolaeva-Tereshkova. Attached to the car drove employee Niners officer of the 1st division captain Herman Anatolievich Romanenko. The driver Ilya Zharkov was mortally wounded, and the heavy car began to slowly descend back to the gate. Romanenko managed to jump out and valuable to the incredible efforts kept the car until the astronauts were moved into another car.

French killers

As a rule, the signals of the impending attacks most often received during during foreign travel of the Secretary-General of the CPSU Central Committee. In 1977 the leadership of the “nine” through foreign agents became aware of the impending shot sniper from the arc de Triomphe during Brezhnev’s visit to France. The visit was responsible, and to cancel it it does not. Calculate and neutralize the sniper is also not possible. Then the original decision was made to hide under Brezhnev umbrellas opened over their entire delegation. A year later prevented an attempt on Leonid Brezhnev during his visit to Germany. As in the previous case was received timely signal about the planned shot after the solemn dinner in the castle of Augsburg. Fortunately this time the shot is also not sounded, “nine” worked to advance. But the most exotic could be the impending attack on the Soviet leader during his visit to India. The fact that a few months before in a car of the motorcade of foreign Minister of one of the European States during his visit to Delhi was abandoned Cobra. The last half a kilometer before meeting the Indian leadership of Brezhnev the car was moving at minimum speed, almost on foot. This moment could happen anywhere. Fortunately the security of the leader of the Soviet Union, acted very clearly and on foot covered the first person, leaving the attackers a chance.

the Killer Piglet

a Great passion of Leonid Brezhnev was hunting. During the Brezhnev often forgot about personal safety. Once hunted Leonid Ilyich boar from the tower, knocked out a large animal and went to inspect his prey. When the boar was still twenty meters, he suddenly jumped up and rushed to Brezhnev. Fortunately the huntsman was a shotgun, he fired two shots at a wild beast, but missed. The boar, hearing the shots, changed the trajectory and ran in a circle. On its way there was a guard of Brezhnev Gennady Fedotov. In one hand he held a carbine in the other a knife. Shoot Gennady did not, and the boar flew a Piglet PRyamo on his knife, bent the blade and rushed on. Deputy chief bodyguard of Boris Davydov, backed away from the beast, slipped and fell into the swamp. The boar just jumped over him and, grunting, ran away into the woods. When Davidoff came up out of the water with a revolver in hand, Brezhnev quietly asked what he was doing in the swamp? “Protect you!”, replied the guard. He was a brave man!

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