Contestant Caleb Kennedy is outside at”American Idol” after a video surfaced showing that the series hopeful standing beside somebody that seems to be wearing a Ku Klux Klan hood.

The budding singer, who’s 16 years old, declared his departure in the ABC contest series on Wednesday on Instagram.

“Heyy’allthis is gonna be a small surprise, but I am no more gont be about American Idol. There was a movie that surfaced online and it exhibited actions which weren’t supposed to be taken in this manner. I was younger and did not consider the action, but that is not a justification,” Kennedy composed in a statement.

The adolescent continued:”I wan na t say sorry to all of my supporters and everybody who I’ve let down. I will be taking a while off social websites to enhance myself, but , I understand this has frustrated and hurt a great deal of people and left people eliminate respect for me personally. I am so sorry!”

Kennedy concluded by stating that he will”hope that 1 day he’ll recover the public’s confidence and thanked viewers for their service.

Agents for”American Idol” didn’t immediately return Fox News’ request for comment on Thursday but supported his death to the New York Post.

Kennedy’s mum has also talked about his death.

“I hate that this has occurred and how Caleb has been portrayed by people on the internet,” Anita Guy informed MSN. “This movie was shot following Caleb had watched the film’The Strangers: Prey in Night’ and they had been copying those characters. Caleb does not have a racist bone in his entire body.

Kennedy’s leaving isn’t the first sudden passing in the contestant to occur this year. Former frontrunner Wyatt Pike departed the favorite singing contest series past month. On Instagram, the 20-year-old singer stated he left the series because of”personal reasons,” but did not provide any additional explanation.