02.09.2022, USA, Washington: Seiten einer FBI-Eigentumsliste von Gegenständen, die auf dem Anwesen von Trump, ehemaliger Präsident der USA, in Mar-a-Lago beschlagnahmt und vom Justizministerium veröffentlicht und fotografiert wurden. FBI-Agenten, die das Haus durchsuchten, fanden leere Ordner, die mit Geheimhaltungsbannern gekennzeichnet waren. Das Inventar zeigt in groben Zügen den Inhalt der 33 Kisten, die bei der Durchsuchung am 08.08.2022 mitgenommen wurden. Foto: Jon Elswick/AP/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

During a search of former US President Donald Trump’s home, FBI investigators also found dozens of empty folders marked as non-disclosure. This emerges from a list of things secured during the raid, which a US court in Florida has now published and from which the Washington Post quotes, among others.

The 11-page document is the most detailed overview yet of the documents Trump took with him from the White House to Mar-a-Lago after his term ended in January 2021.

The US Department of Justice had previously submitted the detailed list to Judge Aileen Cannon in Florida, so far it has been classified. Cannon is dealing with the searches as part of a lawsuit filed by Trump and is to decide, for example, whether – as requested by Trump – a special representative should be appointed to review the actions against Trump.

On Thursday it was said that Cannon would soon comment in writing on the question of a neutral examiner. For reasons of transparency, the judge had requested the detailed list from the Ministry of Justice and has now made it public.

According to the list, for example, the President mixed material with and without a non-disclosure notice in the boxes. Books or newspaper articles also appeared between the documents.

For example, in box 28, investigators found two newspapers and/or newspaper articles, 795 documents and photographs not classified, one book, one gift/clothing, two documents classified as confidential, eight classified documents and four strictly classified secret documents.

The list also shows what was recently known: that Donald Trump also kept some of the documents in his office. Box 2, for example, was confiscated according to the list in the office. It contained, among other things, 43 empty folders marked “classified information”.

A total of 18 of the documents and photos were classified as “top secret”, 54 as “secret” and 31 as “confidential”. “Top Secret” is the highest level of secrecy reserved for confidential and sensitive information. A total of 90 empty files were also found, 48 of which were marked as “secret” classified information. It is unclear why the folders were empty or whether any documents could be missing.

At the beginning of August, the American federal police, the FBI, searched Trump’s Mar-a-Lago villa in Palm Beach, Florida. The FBI confiscated several sets of documents classified as top secret. Since Trump is said to have kept the documents in his private estate after his term in office, he may have broken the law.