That was sovital Denikin President of the United States to defeat the Soviet Union

History 01/01/20 That sevetal Denikin President of the United States to defeat the Soviet Union

the White General, Anton Denikin, during the great Patriotic war refused to cooperate with the Nazis and even financially helped the red Army. However, the enemy of Soviet power commander to be stopped. In 1946, Denikin wrote a letter to U.S. President Harry Truman, in which he shared his thoughts on how to win the Soviet Union.

“No credits!”

Denikin began with sentences, very in tune with the Outlook of Truman. According to white General, the Soviet Union has not abandoned plans to spread communism throughout the world, and attempts of “appeasement” of Stalin will be as fruitless as in the past, a similar diplomatic action against Hitler. The tools of the “bolshevisation of the world” from the Kremlin Denikin considered a local war, strikes and riots, the spread of red propaganda.

the face of this threat the former chief of the Armed forces of South Russia advised “English speaking countries” to work together and not single out the Soviet Union is no credit. White General argued that any obtained from the Western democracies, Stalin, the money will be spent on “guns, planes and the atomic bomb”. Denikin said that the Soviet leader did not want a Third world war, in any case, until shaken until the internal troubles of the world will not become an “easy target”. Denikin believed that once the Bolshevik regime get a nuclear bomb, then immediately attack in the West, which in fact did not happen.

the Occupation without exploding

while Expressing support for the anti-Soviet aspirations Truman, Denikin at the same time warned him against repeating key mistakes made by Hitler. According to white General, the Fuhrer has miscalculated, beginning the struggle against Bolshevism, but against Russia.

“we Must distinguish between the Soviet regime and Russian people, executioners and victims,” stressed Denikin, reminding the American President about the “terrible poverty” in Russian, which plunged their red rulers. The commander explained that if the Russians see attempts to divide their country and separated from her national margin, they will perceive Americans as enemies of their country.

“as long as the war unfolded under the banner of internationalism, the results in the form of the infamous Finnish campaign and the disaster of the red Army on the road to Moscow was evident. But when, subsequently, the war turned into a deadly struggle for the defense of the Fatherland, the result was the defeat of Germany,” reminded Denikin on the recent events.

the War of the West Patriotic Russian soldiers white General considered a hopeless case due to “the huge potential of Russia’s strength and invincibility, infinite spaces.” Denikin argued that if the Western democracies at the beginning of the war solemnly proclaiming the inviolability of borders of Russia, then the Soviet government could be swept away by a popular uprising or a coup. The latest version of the change of government in Moscow, the author of the letter is considered the most preferred.

In the case of the occupation of Russia Denikin were advised Truman to immediately create a Russian government invitation to immigrants. The General insisted on the inadmissibility of participation in the management of Russia and its neighbors. Especially serious threat to Denikin saw in the claims of Poland, which the Russians, in his opinion, will never agree. The General defended the message of the ideals of the “United and indivisible Russia”, which held white during the Civil war.

some historians believe that under the influence of letters of Anton Denikin Harry Truman abandoned plans nuclear strike on the Soviet Union. At the same time, the subsequent practice activities of Western intelligence agencies revealed that they did not follow the advice of Denikin. The West supported, not only Russian anti-Soviet movement, but national separatism in the republics. Ultimately, this policy ledand the collapse of the Soviet Union. Many people in Russia, even anti-Communist minded, I took this event as the loss of historic territories, in which blame the West.

Timur Sagdiyev

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