That was in Lefortovo prison with the pilot-the infringer Matthias Rust

History 20/02/20 Tasco was in Lefortovo prison with the pilot-the infringer Matthias Rust

may 28, 1987 18-year-old availabitily of Germany Mathias rust made on light “Cessna” legendary landing near red square. This event dealt a serious blow to the reputation of the Soviet leadership, not once professed reliability of the protection of state borders.

Landed on Vasilevsky descent at about 19:00, the Germans drove to the coast down the St. Basil’s Cathedral and then, of course, he was immediately surrounded by curious passers-by. Soon to the site, the trucks came with the soldiers who surrounded the plane. Closer to 20:00 the Rust was approached by representatives of the KGB for 15 minutes interviewed him. And half an hour later the German driver was already in the detention center “Lefortovo”, where the interrogation continued until 4 in the morning. They demanded that he admit to espionage.

rust was tried only three months later. The sentence the young pilot was delivered on 4 September 1987 on the third day after the start of the trial. West German adventurer was charged with three counts of disorderly conduct, a violation of the rules of air travel and illegal crossing of the state border of the USSR. The penalty is 4 years imprisonment.

But the rust had grandiose plans. He was seriously tempted together with his idol Mikhail Gorbachev to save the world from the domination of nuclear weapons. Later he was asked to he said the Soviet leader, if the meeting of sostojalas: “Mikhail Sergeyevich! I didn’t mean to cause you hardship on those that did. I just wanted to reach out and show that I, too, applaud your efforts to make our land peaceful,” said rust.

the Scandalous flight of German, and even in the Day of Soviet border guards, career cost a number of military leaders, including defense Minister Sergei Sokolov and air defense commander Alexander Koldunov. It should be noted that the incident with the Rust was notlzya by the way, Gorbachev had a reason to remove careless generals.

While there was a consequence, rust is periodically carried to the Supreme Court hearings from the prison detention center “Lefortovo” in the courthouse he was being driven in a private passage, with the use of a special Elevator and a special door in the courtroom. In between the hearings the Germans and taken to a separate room, where the fed brought from “Lefortovo” prison lunch – a pretty nutritious and delicious: the menu includes borscht with sour cream, meatballs with buckwheat and pickled cucumber, brown bread and stewed fruit.

According to the memoirs of rust present at the lunch, the chief of the Lefortovo prison (dressed in civilian clothes) told him amusing stories about the origin of the name of the prison, Franz Leforte and how he was Peter I.

Only in the “Lefortovo” Mathias rust spent 432 days – little more than a year of the four assigned to him as punishment. Despite the relatively comfortable conditions where the rust was, his condition remained subdued. “I was afraid that I was not there to come out. In a few weeks I lost 10 kg”, – complained the pilot subsequently.

In the prison cell of rust was not alone, it gave the teachers of English from Ukraine Aleksandra, who was serving a sentence for black marketeering at the hotel “Astoria”. According to the rust, hoisted it to him is not accidental. First, knowing the English language, the German could do with someone to chat, secondly, the KGB wanted to through Alexander to find out from rust some valuable information.

Skrashivaya his gray prison life, rust was trying to learn Russian, but the language he was given. All he could remember many years later, it’s two sentences and two words: “I want to go home” “I’m going home”, “airplane”, “I’m sorry.”

As recognized by the German, he had no idea of what is happening outside the prison walls. A small window of thick murky glass under the ceiling of the room only emphasized his isolation from the outside world. Withhoary as I could cheered the prisoner, periodically telling him the contents of the next issue of “Truth.” And Mathias came the wife of the West German Ambassador in the Soviet Union and fed him pies.

on August 3, 1988, at about 2 o’clock in the camera to the Rust came, the guards gave him clothes output, which enclosed the pilot had to dress for meetings with lawyers, German diplomats and their parents. Rust initially tensed, but the roommate calmed him: “Boy, you seem to be lucky. You don’t think you’ll be lucky to Siberia?”

on the same day, Mathias rust left the USSR. The decree of expulsion was signed personally by the Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR Andrei Gromyko. “I felt alive” – described at the time to his then status as a former prisoner. In April 1994, Mathias rust again came to our country, visited the scene of their misadventure, but this was a different Russia.

Taras Repin

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