That the Tupolev aircraft was put into a special prison

History 08/02/20 that the Tupolev aircraft was put in a special prison

In may 1940, the famous designer Andrey Nikolaevich Tupolev was sentenced to 15 years in labor camps. The situation was exacerbated by the fact that Tupolev agreed with the charges against him. However, many historians believe that Andrey Nikolayevich simply compelled to confess.

the Arrest and conviction

according to Alexey Toptygin, author of “the Unknown Beria”, Andrei Tupolev was taken into custody October 21, 1937, right at his workplace in the Main Department of aviation industry. After that, Tupolev held in the Lefortovo and Butyrka prisons for about a year. When in the end, the aircraft admitted to the charges against him, including in the nationalist acts and espionage in favor of France, he was left alone and even offered the job. In the autumn of 1938, the Tupolev was transferred to the village of Bolshevo near Moscow, where at that time already gathered an impressive company of scientists-prisoners.

Despite the fact that Andrey continued to work, planes ANT created under his leadership was renamed in TSAGI. While Tupolev worked on him in absentia was sentenced to 15 years in labor camps and 5 years of deprivation of rights by 4 items of the 58th article. At least so says Valentyn Symonenko, the author of the book “the fate of scientists in the Stalinist spetstyurem”. However, the court-appointed deadline Tupolev never left. A few days after the beginning of the great Patriotic war, the designer was released. And fully Andrey was rehabilitated only 2 years later after Stalin’s death.

the story of the inmate and threats to investigators

Why Tupolev, if he really was innocent, told him such a stigma? Many historians believe that the designer simply had to give grateful testimonyI. It should be noted that, according to the author of the book “exile” by R. V. Ivanov-Razumnik, by fate in Lefortovo Tupolev was in the same cell with the organizer of defense industry Romuald Muklevich. Muklewicz, unable to bear the “interrogation” confessed to everything and tried to convince Tupolev to do the same thing. Military figure in the colors described cellmate all that it can do in case of persistence.

But the last straw for Tupolev was, apparently, a threat of a different plan. If you believe Eugene Tolstoy, the author of the publication “Lavrenty Beria. Slandered hero of the Soviet Union,” Andrei Nikolaevich was threatened that if he refuses the accusations in his address, his wife will also be arrested and the children are in boarding school. Tupolev, who had no doubt that threats will be met with investigators in full, nothing remained but to accept the terms and conditions of this agreement.

the Arrest of his wife and her refusal to testify

However, the wife of aircraft designer Tupolev Yulia Nikolaevna (nee zheltikova), according to Anatoly Sulanov, the author of the book “Beria. Arrest in the Kremlin”, was behind bars just weeks after her husband’s arrest. Apparently, Tupolev knew nothing about it, at least at first. When Kolmogorov became aware of the arrest of Yulia Nikolaevna, he demanded her immediate release. Beria assured the scientist that his wife has long been at large, and their children are fine.

In fact Beria had lied. Yulia Nikolaevna was released in November 1939. It is noteworthy that Julia Tupolev, according to Yaroslav Golovanov in his book, “Korolev: facts and myths”, refused to say anything against your spouse than to a significant extent, eased his fate. Because the same Muklewicz, for example, in 1938, was sentenced to death and executed the next day after the issuance of a guilty verdict.

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