That painted Stalin in his notebook shortly before his death

History 31/01/20 That painted Stalin in his notebook shortly before his death

According to the memoirs of contemporaries, Stalin was interested not only poetry but also in painting. Sometimes he depicted abstract shapes and sometimes very talented cartoons. However, at the end of life, as argued by Svetlana Alliluyeva, a “picture” of the leader has changed.

the Portraits and caricatures

Many people know that Joseph Stalin was seriously fond of poetry and even wrote poems. Thanks love for the literature of the future leader opened another talent. According to Yevgeny Gromov, author of the book “Stalin. The power and art”, in his youth, Stalin was very impressed with the poem of Shota Rustaveli “the knight in the Panther’s skin”. The boy who, according to Gromov, showed no aptitude for painting, so diligently sketched a portrait of Rustaveli, the owner of the bookstore, which Soso regularly visited, wanted to buy a portrait of the poet. But Stalin to sell a drawing is not wanted, and simply gave it to the shopkeeper. However, the latter is in debt does not remain, and in turn presented to a regular customer a couple of books.

However, the best Joseph Stalin was able cartoons. At least this fact noted in his book “the True history of the world” Alexander Nikonov. According to Nikonov, in 1923 Stalin very successfully portrayed the revolutionary Nikolai Bukharin, passing his characteristics. And in 1930 at one of the meetings just for fun leader sketched a caricature of Commissar of Finance Nikolai Bryukhanov. That, according to the idea of the artist, was suspended for a causal place. Under the picture Stalin wrote that if it is Commissar stand, it should be justified, if the tear – drown. Anyone to drown, of course, did not. And Bukharin, and Bryukhanov were subsequently shot.

the Drawings in the notebooks

in General, during all kinds of meetings Stalin often drew something on paperE. About the habit of the leader mentioned in particular in the publication “the Rulers of Russia” and Mikhail Mukhin. Not all pictures of Joseph Stalin meant something specific. So, Donald Rayfield was the author of the book “Stalin and his henchmen,” says that sometimes the leader of the country portrayed on paper, complex patterns of triangles and circles. But here we are talking not about the painting, but rather about the so-called unconscious drawings that sin, more than half of all the inhabitants of the Earth. By the way, according to German scientists from the Institute of psychology in Bonn, geometric shapes on these “pictures” testify to the strength and rationality of the author.

meanwhile, it happened that Stalin was depicted on the leaves of his notebook, not geometric shapes, and even people. In the last years of life Stalin increasingly began to draw wolves. Moreover, it is noticed by not only Stalin’s daughter Svetlana Alliluyeva. If you believe Alexander Bondarenko and Nikolai Yefimov, the authors of the publication “the Hidden pages of the Soviet history”, 17 February 1953, when the Generalissimo was hosted by the Indian Ambassador Kumar Menon, he also drew the wolves with a long and sharp fangs. It is noteworthy that at the time, and suddenly Stalin has publicly declared that peasants was very wise, destroying rabid wolves.


About how to deal with wolves, farmers, Joseph Stalin knew firsthand. According to Simon Sebag-Montefiore in his book “Young Stalin”, the leader had knowledge that he was serving in the Turukhansk region. On the edge of the village of Kureyka in the night howling wolves, so before you go out into the yard to relieve himself, Stalin all the time fired the gun in order to scare off predators. Memories of circling near the hut wolves Joseph Stalin did not leave until his death. In General, these animals had a leader quite certain associations. Based on these assumptions, the English historian believes Stalin portrayed wolves in his notebook when he was up lastthe Nuits campaign of Terror – “the doctors”.

But Alexander Kostin, in his book “Murder of Stalin. All versions of another,” notes that in those years, the cartoonists portrayed the wolves of CIA agents. Kostin also mentions that in the last weeks of his life, Stalin told you to keep the furnace at the cottage, where he lived, red-hot to the limit. We all know that hunters scare the animals with the help of fire. If you believe Nikolai Zenkovich, author “the Assassination and staging: from Lenin to Yeltsin”, just a few before his sudden death, the Soviet leader suddenly said: “the Wolf prowling in search of my blood.” These words Stalin has also said in the presence of Indian Ambassador Menon.

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