Than training new recruits in the red Army was worse than the German

History 12/01/20 Than training new recruits in the red Army was worse than the German Red army

Researcher G. A. Goncharov, who studied the system of training of the red army, writes that mobilized (total for years of war in the Soviet Union were drafted into the army 574,9 mln 29 thousand persons) needed at least a minimum of military training and received. Someone already had military and physical skills through education and Komsomol youth structures, Osoaviahima and military-sports associations in delivery of norms of GTO and other activities. All were taught the basics of military Affairs after the call and on the way to the front. Special attention was given to the possession of a rifle, machine gun, mortar and hand grenades, digging trenches and concealment, tactical communications, skills of bayonet fighting. Physical training of the youth during the war consisted mainly of the following courses: 25-30 hours on a military ski training, 25 hours of training in unarmed combat, 20 hours of training (if possible) to swimming and river crossings, the delivery standards TRP. The more regulations since 1939, was included: the obstacle course with the weapon in hand, swimming in clothes, river crossing, trekking 25 km, cross-country running, shooting and other military-applied test, later they added bayonet fighting, grenade throwing, etc.

However, in difficult conditions of war, especially in its initial period, when is not always enough time and resources to serieswhy training in some parts of wasting time on nonsense. N. N. Nikulin, who was preparing for battle in 1941 in Leningrad, recalled that in “lad camp” the soldiers were engaged in quite a lot of combat training (of little use in the field on the front). On the other hand, in Leningrad in the war years about half a million people were rapidly trained in unarmed combat, skiing, swimming, etc. a Great contribution to the development of new programs has made the Institutes of physical culture in Leningrad and Moscow. Provodiliss track and field and cross-country, forced marches, camping, etc. Then a significant part of the trained enrolled into the Red army. Physical training military-applied nature managed to cover despite all the difficulties, the enormous mass of conscripts. The soldiers received basic military skills and were able to make a day’s journey to 30 miles, to cross water obstacles, to walk on skis. “Supermen”athletes in the army was a bit, most of it was just mobilized civil, deprived of the possibility of a prolonged military-sports training to become elite infantry units.

the Wehrmacht and the SS

In the Wehrmacht soldiers recently mobilized with “citizen”, trained constantly (in accordance with the introduced in 1936 by the rules). Training camp wore a bad reputation for the strictness of mentors and brutal drill, strengthens the body recruits. Digging trenches, crawling, running, training with weapons, — it took the soldier from morning to night, following the popular motto “Sweat saves blood.” The German “basic training” usually lasted 16 weeks (Soviet Riflemen were taught about 2-2,5 months). While the Germans trained very well fed. Although the training included a variety of exercises with weapons, tactical and educational sessions, all the men every night for an hour deal separately with General physical preparation (for this, as a rule, had the appropriate sports equipment). More hard cooked Waffen-SS.

Soldiers-SS men usually coached to 6 months. Veteran, G. Fleischmann, recalled that the training was extremely intense: “With the rise we were forced to do many kilometers of forced marches with full gear, crawl under barbed wire, clothes to jump into the icy water, climbing on building walls, scamper across rooftops, jump from heights and land properly on bales of hay… in the SS each had become not only a soldier, and athlete, surpassing the skills of the probable protUnica”. In addition, the SS were recruited mainly in rural areas (healthy and a minimum height of 180 cm), accustomed to a harsh life, and therefore more battle-hardened, sturdy and unpretentious. In the second half of the war had problems with the deposits and resources the Germans were forced to reduce the preparation time up to 2 months, and in early March 1945 was thrown into the battle had not even had time to go through this short training course. Many commanders have noted “the strong reduction in the level of training” deposits, physical and moral disadvantages of recruits. As a result, the Germans lost some of its advantage over the Soviet fighters, which had in the first two years of the war.

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