(Waco) About 15 migrants were found “choking” on a train in Texas, in the southern United States, two of whom died, local police announced, alerted by an anonymous emergency call on Friday .

US border guards stopped the train east of Knippa, a town in southern Texas near San Antonio, police said in a statement.

“About 15 migrants were discovered in need of immediate medical attention,” ten were airlifted to hospitals, including five by air to facilities in the San Antonio area, but their condition remains “unknown,” the police said. Uvalde County Police.

“Two of the migrants have been declared dead,” the statement added.

Late afternoon temperatures rose to 30 degrees Celsius near where the train was stopped, according to KSAT.com, an ABC affiliate in San Antonio.

The anonymous emergency call was received at 3:50 p.m. (4:50 p.m. EST).

Union Pacific Railroad “will lead the investigation,” according to local police.