The Berlin Tenants’ Association does not want to sign the agreement negotiated in the Alliance for New Housing and Affordable Housing. The managing director of the association, Reiner Wild, said on Monday in the rbb24 info radio. “The main reason for this is that, from our point of view, the real estate industry has not accommodated us enough,” he criticized.

“We also see that the agreement that is found there is very non-binding,” said Wild. “Something of substance should have come here.” What was agreed was simply not enough.

Above all, there was a lack of instruments for the case of new rentals. “And that’s where the rents are particularly high,” said Wild.

The Berlin Alliance for New Housing and Affordable Housing will present the results of the negotiations over the past few months on Monday afternoon in the Rotes Rathaus.

From the point of view of the “Deutsche Wohnen

The initiative “Deutsche Wohnen

There was a majority in favor of a motion calling for a law to be drawn up as quickly as possible to implement the socialization of large housing companies following a positive vote by the expert commission set up by the Senate.