Siemens separates from a part of its core business and continues its focus on digital technologies. You’ll have to outsource the power plant division and as a new company on the stock exchange, the company said. The new company will take over the majority share of the community company, Siemens, Gamesa, the division wind power.

“Siemens is the majority of the new company, but remains as a strong anchor shareholder engaged”, it was said by the Munich group. Both Siemens Gamesa, as well as the new company will be from its own balance sheet outsourced. Nearly 20 locations with over 20,000 employees are affected nationwide, IG Metall said.

The power plant division of Siemens is already longer. Although the group was able to increase via service contracts, the order intake in the first quarter by 15 percent to more than EUR 3.5 billion. Adjusted earnings, however, declined by 50 percent to 119 million euros. Also, sales of 2.85 billion euros, almost ten percent below the previous year’s level. The latest Figures will be announced by Siemens on Wednesday.

The low demand for gas turbines and the energy transition the business to create. Siemens had announced in the past few years, the removal of several Thousand Points and the locations of newly placed. In the new group distribution of electricity and Gas was so far one of three of the group’s core operating business segments. In the case of the other two units it is the business with digital industrial processes, as well as solutions for future smart infrastructure.