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Biography 12/02/20/f pirates of the XX vektorkat Nigmatullin: what killed the Soviet “Bruce Lee”

we All remember Talgat Nigmatullin for his vivid role in the movie “pirates of the twentieth century.” He was a talented actor and an extraordinary personality. In addition to filming in films, this man wrote novels, was fond of karate and Eastern philosophy. Interest in the secret spiritual practices brought Talgat Nigmatullin sect, whose members beat up the famous actor to death. The circumstances of his death, which occurred more than 30 years ago, still causes much controversy and versions.

a Successful actor

Talgat Nigmatullin Kadyrovich (1949-1985), was raised in Uzbekistan. His father was a miner and he died when the son was not yet two years. The mother of the future actor worked as the Director of the school in Tashkent, she single-handedly raised two sons. For some time he even had to spend in an orphanage.
He had rickets, so in my youth has become a hard exercise, I wanted to fix posture and appearance. The guy is seriously interested in martial arts, primarily karate.
After graduating from the Moscow College of circus and variety arts Nigmatullin joined the film Institute. He made his film debut in the role of a guard from the movie “ballad of a soldier” (1967). If the first acting Talgat brought him wide popularity in later years came to him an enviable popularity. She has contributed to her role in the movie: “pitfall”, “pirates of the twentieth century” and “the adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn”.
a Successful actor was friends with his peers – Nikolay Eremenko, other well-known personalities: writers, Directors, artists, writers. It seemed that all opportunities for further creative growth opened in front of him.

join the cult

Fans of Talgat Nigmatullin, his friends and colleagues still wonder: what made successful artEast to join the sect of Abay Borubaeva and Mirza Kamytbaeva? However, at the end of the Soviet era, many representatives of creative Bohemians were fond of fashion at the time, esoteric practices, based on Buddhist philosophy.
well-Known Russian journalist and biographer Fedor Razzakov in his book “How went idols. The memory that warms the heart”, which was published in Moscow in 2010, wrote that Eastern spiritual practices interested in Talgat Nigmatullin in the late 70-ies. Actor seriously engaged in karate and personally do all the stunts in the film “pirates of the twentieth century” trust charlatans.
Abay Borubaev – founder of the sect was a man of enterprising, selfish, and possessed an undeniable gift of persuasion. He was born in Frunze (present-day Bishkek) Kyrgyz SSR in a wealthy and influential family. The father of Abay for many years worked as chief editor of the national edition. After receiving a degree in Economics and a little work on the Komsomol, the future con artist thinking about more promising and profitable occupation.
Mirza Kamytbaeva self – proclaimed psychic and healer of Karakalpakstan. Several times he was accused of parasitism. Earning a living the fact that “treated” gullible citizens with the alleged ability to bioenergy.

In the mid 70-ies of these two met and decided to join forces. 33-year-old Abay Borubaev took on organizational issues and promotion of a sect, and 48-year-old Mirza Kamytbaeva played the role of enlightened spiritual master who has mystical knowledge and the gift of the healer. Their sect they called “the Fourth way” and promoted to the people a strange mixture of esoteric and Zen Buddhism- “a new teaching”.
it’s gone. To the fake psychic began to arrive people from other cities and republics of the Soviet Union, because thanks to his enterprise and ingenuity Borubaev managed to build an effective business. He found out information about the people who came for healing or spiritual enlightenment, and then quebetbaev amazed people with his “Providence”.
believing that the big money you can earn in Moscow in the early 80-ies of the Abay and Mirza went to the capital to attract new adherents. The representatives of the creative intelligentsia, who were at that period in the spiritual quest, the scammers cleverly lied. Borubaev was impersonating a scientist studying psychic abilities Kamytbaeva. They bait many famous writers, journalists, artists, actors.

As man is selfish and narcissistic, Abay came up with a series of rituals of spiritual purification and enlightenment, a degrading students. He called himself a Teacher and demanded from the people, who believed him, unquestioning obedience. Nigmatullin, like other members of the sect, was a beggar on the street, dressed in rags, as Borubaev told him that it would help personal growth of the actor.
the Sect quickly spread, and soon its branches were opened all over the Soviet Union in Vilnius, Tallinn, Kiev, Riga and other major cities. And Talgat so carried away by false teachings of scams that they have dedicated his directorial debut – the short film “Echo”.
the Son of a famous actor said Dashuk-Nigmatulin in one of his interviews said that the sect his father had entered because they were in spiritual quest, seek knowledge of higher truth and looking for perfection.

the Death of

In early 1985, members of the Vilnius branch decided to separate from the sect ceased to pay contributions “to the development of a common cause”, which was in the pocket of Abai and Mirza. The scammers collected money from followers, promising to open the Institute for the study of a man who allegedly pushing the boundaries between science and sorcery.
Failure of one of the branches could be detrimental to the business, so Borubaev, Kamytbaeva and some of their followers went to the capital of Lithuania. They were going to punish apostates. Called and Nigmatullina.
Abay asked him to Talgat involved in karate, participated in racketeering. The leaders of the sect and several of krePCIJ guys went to the homes of ex-followers, threatening them and demanding money. The famous actor refused to do it. The fact of disobedience brought the false teachers out. Oil poured into the fire and banal envy: a month before the trip to Vilnius was the next issue of the magazine “Soviet screen”, the cover of which sported a picture Nigmatullina. Abay also wanted fame and recognition, it is greatly hurt.
Deciding to be taught a lesson “presumptuous and brazen celebrity”, Borubaev ordered his followers to beat Talgat. It happened in the evening of 10 February 1985 at the apartment of Lithuanian artist Andrius Kalinauskas at the address: Vilnius, Lenin street, 49.
According to the writer Fedor Razzakov, participated in the beating himself Abay, titled Moscow coach-karate Vladimir pestretzoff and two of his disciples. The actor did not resist, he thought that the Teacher will stop his followers, convinced of his obedience. But this did not happen. The cultists went into a rage.

Worried about the noise, the neighbors of the artist A. V. Kalinauskas night called the police, but lost consciousness Talgat criminals hid in the bathroom, and the landlady told the officers that they just note the thesis of her husband in the company of friends. The police went to. And the beating of actor continued. He could no longer resist.
on the Morning of 11 February, the cultists realized that overdone. They called the ambulance, and the doctors said that Nigmatullina someone was severely beaten on the street, and he barely made it to the apartment of friends. But doctors didn’t believe them, because in the entrance there was not one drop of blood. And on the body of Talgat they counted 119 damage, 22 of which blow was struck in the head.
the son of the late said Dashuk-Nigmatulin States that his father died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.


the Terrible death of an actor has caused a lot of rumors, hypotheses, assumptions. Some journalists argued that the Abaya and Mirza have created a cult at the behest of the CIA, while others thought that the case involved a drugTiki.
Police quickly identified the perpetrators. Soon, the trial of speculators and sectarians. Borubaev received 14 years of imprisonment, and Kamytbaeva – 10 years. The rest of the criminals were sentenced to lesser terms of imprisonment. Abai died in 1988 in prison from tuberculosis, and Mirza has served his time and was released. In 2006, he died from cirrhosis of the liver.
a Mutilated corpse Talgat was cremated in Kaunas. The ashes of actor buried in a cemetery in Tashkent “Chilonzor OTA”.

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