The’Rocky’ star has previously been a guest in the Florida club

Sylvester Stallone is one of the most recent members of Donald Trump’s personal club, Mar-a-Lago, place insiders inform Page Six.

Stallone, 74, has previously been a guest in Mar-a-Lago, having attended a 2016 New Year’s Eve celebration there. A source who watched Stallone in the club last month told us,”Sly simply became a part of Mar-a-Lago.”

He was seen posing with some fellow guests to get pics, all holding their fists in a boxing pose.

The”Rocky” legend in December bought a $35 million compound near the club in Palm Beach, Fla., local reports said. According to a record, Sly’s new property has seven bedrooms amid 13,241 square feet of living area, plus 253 ft of waterfront, a pier, a sandy shore, and a pool pavilion having an open cabana.

The”Rambo” celebrity also once owned a Florida home on Miami’s Biscayne Bay, but this past year was allegedly house-hunting at Palm Beach.

Meantime, Stallone will have more time to invest in the home: He disclosed this week that he won’t appear in a third movie in the hit”Rocky” spinoff franchise,”Creed.” Star Michael B. Jordan will direct the upcoming sequel, which is slated to emerge in 2022.

But Stallone recently responded in a comment to a fan on Instagram of”Creed III,””It will be done, but that I won’t be inside. His rep afterward confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that he will not be in the movie.

Stallone also declared he created a new director’s cut of”Rocky IV” to coincide with the film’s 35th anniversary.