Giving birth in Dubai and was not planning on Syeda Khola Pet (23). Nature has decided there is, however, different: baby Amal, came after only 23 weeks in the world, a premature baby who, now more than ever – need to be with presents. Of course, the ukje in the medical field for several months of close follow-up on. But also, the financial guard is having a hard time. Pet is allowed with her daughter, only to bring it home, take it as soon as all of the hospital expenses have been paid. The bill has now been substantially increased to 444.123 arab emirates dirham (110.000 euro), it is to be feared, that the amount in the final will be doubled.

Adnan got married in december of 2018, in their home countries, with Azhar Saleem, a 26-year-old Briton. The following month, she travelled with a bezoekersvisum in the United Kingdom, and she became pregnant.

for example, The couple has decided to finally go to the uk to relocate, so that the Pet also should be able to give birth. Have a problem with her partnervisum works, however, a spanner in the works. “Because of the failure of our attorney, do I have the wrong language requirements are covered. I was stuck in Dubai and be away from my husband. We went into the profession, in the hope that I will be on here all the time would not touch it. The delivery was made normally, it doesn’t close in October with us.