In Parramatta court Saturday, he didn’t apply for bail but is anticipated to apply following Friday when he fronts courtroom again.

Mr Saadieh’s attorney Ihab Jamal stated his client was eager to have his day in court.

“We’ve talked to his family they’re quite worried for him and they’re standing by his side,” he explained.

“He is doing OK at the grand scheme of things and he’s eager to have his state.”

Police said they discovered evidence that he had united Islamic State again in 2018.

He’s been charged with membership of this terrorist group.

Police said the guy’s online remarks had improved lately, he had accumulated a huge number of online intense substance and has been in possession of many improvised explosive recipes.

A raid on Mr Saadieh’s house and a house in Sefton lead authorities to computers and cellular phones where the alleged extremist discussions were created.

“His activities are criminal and they signify terror and hatred,” Commander Dametto explained.

“We’ll in court that this guy was a part of ISIS and it shows that there are still those from the area that seek to do us damage.

“The things found reveal that this person posed a substantial threat to the Australian community and we’ll act early to guarantee security of the Australian people”.

Commander Dametto stated Mr Saadieh had revealed violent jihad support and could frequently justify martyrdom.

“He’s been a part of Islamic Condition for a long time… he’d an extremist ideology,” he explained.

“What lead us how his online rhetoric improved we are going to put the community .”

Authorities said while investigations into IS recruiting in Australia are continuing they don’t expect additional arrests linked to the instance.