Berlare in The summer isn’t quite over yet, but Donna Jacobs and His Garré since then there have been two seasons, a further, and think about all of the holidays. The couple, the Pastor, Pennenstraat design for years in their home with 100,000 lights, and it has been there for a couple of months to get it all out. “Now hang on there, the 25,000 lights are up, and the windows have been painted,” said Ria Quietly.

for over 25 years,, hang, Ris, and His, their house is filled with christmas lights. Along with the 15 volunteers, to decorate their home by november 30, a light-emitting opening, to keep track of Berlare and beyond. The kersthuisje, it is very popular, and each year, tens of thousands of visitors. Himself, singer, Christoff has been langsgeweest in the popular house. “We have to be every year, in the past, and it used to start at a later point in time to get one. Sometimes I think it would be better for you to stop it, but we just don’t let them in,” says Freddy.

This year, the couple, a few adjustments were made to their home, it was nice to be able to relieve it. “We have a lot of clusters around windows with light. You can, as it were, you have a newspaper along to read,” laughs Freddy. The couple takes great pride in their home, but there is still a lot of work to be done. “Still, at least 75,000 lights should be hung up at the opening on the 30th of november,” said the couple.

This year, the kersthuisje for 25 years, and in that case, you’d best not go un-noticed let it go. For their home, they will have a special plaque made for their 25th anniversary this year. “Here, too, are the thousands of lights have been added. Since the spring I’ve worked on it to make it to the door, you hear the sound of it. A week prior to the official opening of the love the couple have a schlagerfeest in the festivalhal in Berlare. “The tickets are flying out the door, but it’s not always available,” says Donna. Also, Christoff and Lindsay are coming to the festival. “We’re a big fan of them for years. They have also been able to go back and if it really is not missing”, you hear the sound of it. “For more than a year ago, we tried to get them to book it and now it’s finally worked.”

The pop music festival will be in tip-top shape and there will be also a fireworks display with it. “For a week, then go to our kersthuis open, and that is where we want all the visitors to your site a surprise for our anniversary”, you hear the sound of it. “What are we going to do is we want to be, not yet lost, but we can promise you a nice surprise,” says Donna. Who is the kersthuisje want to visit, you can go to the parish Priest, Pennestraat in Overmere.