Uefa Champions League Matchwinnaar. Michy Batshuayi fell off twenty minutes before time and scored the decisive 0-1. Chelsea will have to chase after to 6 to 9 and, in addition to Ajax amsterdam at the top of group H.

Blistering opening. The pace of the first half-hour was very, very, very high, with some of the great opportunities as well. Hawthorn suites by wyndham Mt Hudson-Odoi came close to the opening goal. On the other side and found Promes, however, do not touch it, but his goal was rightly disallowed for offside.

After the break, it was a long wait on the shooting skill. Batshuayi could be twenty minutes before time, substitute, and took care to add a little something extra to your visitors. After one minute, he was able for the first time, threat – Onana picked up easily. A few seconds later it stops ‘Achieved’ the ball’s incomprehensible to on up for an open goal.

It bother him, however. Because five minutes later, he found but one to remember. Christian Pulisic year, and Batshuayi could be on the second pillar, via the crossbar inside tap: from 0 to 1. Right on for the victory. Chelsea is next to Ajax amsterdam at the top of group H.