RSC Anderlecht will Play Trebel on Sunday against Club Brugge? It’s been the million dollar question. Last night, did the Frenchman, who beat up on the promises made. With a satisfactory result.

Trebel, Sunday at six, ” in the Jan Breydel? Suddenly, it would just be.On the basis of the Trebels position is that it is not necessarily surprising. Even though he has a lack of appreciation of feeling, he is always professional, continue to be worn even during practice sessions with the second team. Yesterday, against the VIEWS in Wolvertem (5-1), he was also strong as a defensive midfielder. We saw Kompany with his own eyes, he had as assistants, De Roeck, and Ngalula will be present on the match, and with a cap on his head, next to the bank on a T1 in Craig Bellamy. That was a regular hand, up to Trebel, who works with the doorsteekpasses, and demonstrated a good level of fitness. He was in the race until the end. The conclusion should have been: Trebel is a ready-to-use. Know, also, that he might not be able to on Sunday anymore.