Style is the Inspiration for the outfits you get from the magazines, social media such as Pinterest, Instagram, blogs, and from the street. Are you sometimes bored with your wardrobe, and if you want a different keg taps? And there’s more and it went on great and looks spot. Today, the 23-year-old student Nico Rondelez, and Mats Bonneure. Style of clothing?

Mats: There are a lot of guys who are stereotypically male fashion. Fine, but this is not the place for me. According to me, the style of clothing has nothing to do with gender. Pink is for girls and blue for boys? Spittle. Guys can also powder pink jumper to wear. That’s why I think it’s just nice to have women’s wear, floral prints, or nail Polish is to be worn. I think it’s a challenge to find those boundaries-to suffer.”

Nico: “My style could best be described as classic, sporty. Feminine, but not overly. I will, however, boots with a heel to wear, but it never arrived. I can’t even walk in it, I guess.” ( laughs ).


Mat: My mood determines how I dress. I am left? Then, I get a popping print-out of the closet. I feel like I am not so good in my body? Then, it’s more likely for a black or gray shirt of his.”

Nico – “I’ve got what I call kleurperiodes. Some weeks, I would like nothing more than a blue bear. This can go a long way! Then, even in my socks, a pen, or the stuff in my clear bag with a blue hue. This requires a bit of preparation. If I had been lying in my bed, I think, is already thinking about what I will be wearing it. (laughs)”.


Mat): “If you are in the shoes of the equation, the total amount in between $ 100 and $ 200 lying around.”

Nico: “My outfits are, on average, are slightly more expensive. That’s because I have a lot of money to spend on lingerie. I think it’s important that my bra’s good quality, and my chest has been getting very good support. I would feel better in my own skin. In addition, the shop that I would like to brands such as la fille d’o. Which are relatively small labels to compete with big brands. Their Respect for him.”