Summer is here and when it comes, the number of outdoor amateur athletes roughly triples. In Berlin, running is usually an untroubled pleasure given the many parks, routes around lakes and other possibilities, while cycling is clearly different.

There are hardly any cycle expressways and if there are, then they are not very romantic, such as the Königsweg, which runs parallel to the Avus. The many dilapidated bike paths are a challenge, as is the car traffic, because the stronger sit behind the wheel when they give the bikes the right of way. However, the people on the fast bikes are not always the downtrodden, there are still a few misunderstandings.

Pedestrian paths are pedestrian paths, by the way, and the many scooters are not sports equipment but nonsense that is moving and dangerous to others. And when it gets dark, racing bikes are not exempt from the lighting requirement. The list goes on and on, but riding in the fresh air is healthy for people and the environment and always nicer than a ride on the ergometer in the fitness center or at home. Even if you don’t have to be careful there.