Stalin hid the truth about the great Patriotic war

History 18/01/20 Stalin concealed the truth about the great Patriotic

the Answer, of course, is obvious: because I didn’t want to reveal the truth about the unpreparedness of the USSR to the war and the horrible losses red Army and the Soviet people in it. But this is very generalized answer, of course, self-explanatory. Because specific regulations, directives, instructions of Stalin, forbidding that, and the other did not exist.

on the other hand, because any book of this level and any public organization in the Soviet Union could occur only with the approval and even the direction of the country. And in that period this guide is incarnated in the person of Stalin. He did not authorize neither. Is it only because there are no initiatives of this kind did not arise? Or were there any other reasons?

the Truth about the war established only Stalin

Just last fireworks in honor of the victories of the Soviet troops. The country still lay in ruins, burned the pain of loss, not forgotten the fear of the first years of the war, including fear of Stalin, when it’s on 3 July 1941, in a trembling voice, he urged “brothers and sisters” to the sacred great Patriotic war with the enemy.

may 24, 1945, Stalin gave the Kremlin the solemn reception of the higher commanders of the red army. In the midst of a buffet Stalin proclaimed included in the history of the toast “the health of the Russian people.” In this speech, “father of Nations” could not remember a difficult situation, which turned out to be the USSR in the first months of the war. And, of course, everyone knew that this situation was created by the leadership of Stalin.

Stalin agreed, among other things: “our government had a lot of mistakes, we had moments a desperate situation in 1941-1942, when our army was retreating, left us native villages and towns… Other people might say the government: you have not met our expectations, go away, we will put another government that will conclude a peace with Germany will give us peace. But Russian people did not go for it, because he believed in the correctness of the policy of his government and made sacrifices to ensure the defeat of Germany.”

It was as the end of the repentance of the government for their own mistakes, a limit which could only be determined personally by Stalin. Nobody had the right to go further in criticism of the government’s actions. Soon began to create the official legend of the war that was meant to show the outstanding role of Stalin in the victory. There wasn’t supposed to be any more significant role of some commanders, no doubt the infallibility of the leader.

moreover, the names of many commanders shouldn’t be referred to. Marshal Zhukov already in 1946 suffered disgrace and was sent to a secondary position. To say publicly that it is under his command the Soviet forces defending Moscow and took Berlin, it was impossible. Some military leaders and state leaders, such as Marshal Kulik, Marshal of aviation Novikov, generals Pavel Ponedelin and Nikolai Kirillov, the Chairman of Gosplan Nikolai Voznesensky and others were arrested in 1946-1950

Stalin: “In the memoirs will not be objectivity”

In the memoirs of military leaders could not remain silent in response to the natural question: why the German army marched to the Neva, Moscow and Nizhny of the Volga and the Red Army, so celebrate on the eve of war, are unable to stop them? And it was impossible to avoid the theme of getting the whole Soviet fronts in the Wehrmacht “coppers.”

Marshal Vasilevsky recalled that in 1950, the military publishing already had the manuscript of two collections of memoirs: “From Stalingrad to Vienna” and “the Storming of Berlin”. They are narrated after all of the victorious great Patriotic war period. But Stalin did not give approval for their publication. In his words, “to write his memoirs immediately after the great events that have not yet come into balance and to cool down the passion, sooner, they will have an objective”. When all external formal rightfivosti these words it is easy to see in them and the fear that the unwanted will come true.

Veteran writer Lazar Lazarev in an article published in the journal “Znamya” No. 3, 2005, gave an accurate description of why Stalin could not give the right to speak about the war to anyone but yourself and proven propagandists:

“When really cornered, like in the first half of the war, he had with military leaders to reckon with their knowledge, their abilities, to take into account their opinion, sometimes to sacrifice their own. In addition, many of them moved in the most difficult circumstances of defeat and retreat, in the fire of fierce battles have shown what can… Stalin could not forget that he had someone to reckoned with, someone to listen.”

Policy towards veterans

the Question of why there was no veterans ‘ organizations, it is inappropriate to address one of Stalin. All-Union organization of veterans of the great Patriotic war was created, for reference, only in 1986, when Gorbachev! All “social organization” was created in the USSR only at the direction of the highest authority, and she didn’t feel the need for veterans ‘ organizations.

But the policy of denigration of the veterans was typical for Stalin. He never wanted anything inspired people painful memories of the war, because the very fact that such memories could sow doubts about the correctness of the policy of the “leader”. In 1947, he was ordered to close was opened the Museum of Leningrad defence and abolished the celebration of Victory Day. He also took the veterans of earlier given them privileges: the right to a free railway ticket once a year, and a fee of 1 p 20 kopecks per month for the order. As he thought of Lazarev quoted, “Stalin was important, not saving money, and the devaluation of front-line services”.

the Number of disabled veterans

from Time to time there are publications about some of the operation of cleansing the streets of Soviet cities from the mendicant disabled, supposedly conducted shortly after the war on Stalin’s personal order. DoesI debate about whether it is really or not, will give testimony of Colonel-General Stepan Kachurka about his conversation with Marshal Konev in 1970. Konev, according to him, showed him, and they prepared a secret report on the number of invalids of the great Patriotic war:

“Wounded 46 million 250 thousand. Returned home with broken skulls 775 thousand soldiers. 155 thousand one-eyed, blind 54. With disfigured faces 501342. With crooked necks 157565. With ripped bellies 444046. With damaged spines 143241. With wounds in the pelvic region 630259. With severed genitals 28648. One-armed 3 million 147 [thousand]. Armless 1 million 10 thousand. One-legged 3 million 255 thousand. Legless 1 million 121 thousand. With a partially severed hands and feet 418905. The so-called “samovars”, armless and legless, – 85942″.

to Allow these people to unite in some sort of aid organization meant to recognize the enormity of the human tragedy that befell the Soviet people under the wise leadership of Stalin.

Yaroslav Butakov

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