Special forces: what tricks are soldiers

Another 16/02/20 SWAT: what tricks are soldiers

SWAT is considered the elite of the armed forces. In the view of many commando is a kind of Superman, who is stronger than the average soldier. However, the important thing for any commando – savvy.

most Importantly – ingenuity

according Alexei Ardashev in the publication “basic training for special forces. Extreme survival”, the formation of a special purpose is reconnaissance and sabotage parts that are designed to operate behind enemy lines. That is why the training of special forces soldiers both basic and professional is given a special meaning. To the basic training include General physical preparation, the skills of unarmed combat and self-defense without weapons, survival in extreme conditions, mountain climbing, skydiving and more. And training is work with explosives, diving, and other skills.

However, for the successful completion of the task, few even that. According to Sergey Kozlov, the author of the book “Spetsnaz GRU: fifty years of history, twenty years of war” thing in the commando spirit, ability to think independently, boldly and unconventionally, to take extraordinary decisions. Kozlov, who happened to be in Afghanistan, mentions in his collection of Lieutenant martial, who showed ingenuity in the fight against the Mujahideen. In may 1980 the Fighting, taking advantage of the fact that the form of the commando was not similar to the form of the Soviet soldier, portrayed the Chinese, who then cooperated with the spooks. In this way it came to going about their business spirits. Until they realized what was happening, comrades Boeva dealt with all of them.


in General, the ability to divert the enemy’s attention is an important skill for a commando. For example, the same Sergey Kozlov argues that in order to get on a LiBo object fighters sometimes “sacrifice” one of their comrades. While the enemy is busy with “commando” commandos perform their task. However, to distract the enemy, maybe even a regular hand. At least, so writes the edition “the Secret instructions of the GRU” Victor Popenko. According to Popenko, a commando should never be confined to, for example, a knife in his hand: you must use your whole body as a weapon. Thus, the free hand is able to take care of all the enemy’s attention and thereby create a breach in his defense. Although, the same purpose can “achieve” and the hand, which is embedded in the weapon, because the enemy Willy-nilly, will be to translate the look into a gun or a knife, examining it and trying to keep under control.

the Art of camouflage

Commando also must be able to disguise himself and mask all sorts of things, for example, the same mines. So, Alexei Popov in his book “Stalin’s Commandos. Special forces of the NKVD in the rear of the enemy,” writes that in the years of the great Patriotic war subversive group worked in the same place, sometimes for several days. Men are not only carefully studied the situation, but skillfully hid laid their mines. Demolition has never stirred the dry upper soil layers with lower wet. The remaining land saboteurs always carefully unloaded in a Cape and carried away. Through such tricks the enemy could not even suspect that somewhere hid his death.

But every commando should and to hide from death. If during a firefight adequate shelter is not found, Konstantin Komarov, the author of the book “Spetsnaz. Training with a firearm”, advises to “break” or to hide the contours of the body. For this, according to Komarov, you can use not only clothes, but also any objects at hand. It is noteworthy that Konstantin Komarov recommends paying special attention to the rule: “the bigger the target, the aiming keep his tone light”. Great goal, paradoxically, Znacetelyne reduces the likelihood of contamination. The level of the target also affects the efficiency of fire: up to shoot is always difficult, and in the dark down.

Yulia Popova

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