History 22/01/20 “Special case” of Stalin as the NKVD destroyed “enemies of the people” abroad

At the time of formation of the USSR Joseph Stalin, fearing provocations by defectors and individuals, are able to encroach on his power within the country, initiated by the secret services of the secret counter-insurgency operations, called “special case”.

Seventh item

February 5, 1930, the Politburo was made to elaborate an order with respect to activities of foreign intelligence, in other words the Foreign Department of the OGPU. Among the papers signed that day, was listed on a document marked “top secret” called “the challenges facing the INO OGPU”. The seventh paragraph of this hidden from the prying eyes of the act was devoted to “organization for the destruction of traitors, defectors and leaders of the white guard terrorist organizations.”

the Algorithm of the institution, termination, and transfer cases operating account was defined as “Instruction on accounting” in the public security organs.

According to the “counter-intelligence dictionary” lettered Affairs NKVD could wind up as on individual objects or on entire line of counter-intelligence activities.

In the first group were strategically important objects attracted increased interest from foreign intelligence services. These include relevant departments and research institutions, military service and industrial enterprises, as well as the water and railway communication network.

In the second case, lettered proceedings were instituted in certain areas of activity, for example, against persons convicted of anti-Soviet propaganda or relations with foreign intelligence, sectarian or nationalist, Nazi gauleiters and leaders of the white emigration, uncomfortable, foreign or Soviet statesmen and politicians.

the mandatory “special case” was opened to all staff of foreign diplomatic mISSI in the USSR.

Document 1927

However, even before the adoption of the secret document in the Soviet Union has operated a special Directive, adopted by the Central Executive Committee of 21 November 1927.

In accordance with its norms, individuals that refused to return to the Soviet Union, outlawed. This circumstance entailed two consequences for the convict: first, the confiscation of his property, secondly, the execution within 24 hours after confirming his identity.

This law was retroactive and, therefore, extended its action even on those defectors who sought political asylum before the date of its adoption.

for this reason, none of the defector did not feel secure in their new homeland, knowing that every minute could be the last moment of his life, which often ended in an unexpected way.

to Eliminate enemies of the system of collective responsibility were employees of the Foreign Department and employees of a Special group at the head of the Department of state security.

Methods to eliminate

the methods of elimination of undesirable individuals from the henchmen of Stalin was set. Direct killing with a gun is rarely used, mainly NKVD resorted to more sophisticated variations. Simulating accidents and suicide, resorting to the “wrong treatment”, special agents have reached enemies in various parts of the world, making it clear to others that the land of the Soviets does not forgive betrayal.

Such killings, in the professional slang of the KGB referred to as “shares”, should not have cast aspersions on the Soviet leaders.

For execution of covert operations is allowed only proven killers, were part of a special cohort, operating from within the security organs of the Cheka-OGPU-NKVD.

although their successful secret mission for a long time remained hidden after a certain period, some of the killers and methods of extermination of deserters and enemies of the people inside the country has becomecamping is available to the public.

poisons Laboratory

To conduct “special business” quietly, the office of Lavrenty Beria in 1938, was established a secret laboratory, consisting of Toxicological and bacteriological Department, where he synthesized poisons for operational tasks.

the Task set before the scientists, not limited to “invention” of new toxic substances, because the aim of the investigators was not only to poison an uncomfortable person, but to hide the true cause of his death.

Before the use of poisons in special operations, they were tested on live Soviet political prisoners, sentenced to death, as evidenced by the relevant protocols with the results of experiments.

a Toxic substance mixed into the food or drink of the victim, they were injecting, infecting household items and bedding.

“Special case” Trotsky

the Most resonant “special business”, organized at the personal request of Stalin, was the destruction of a dangerous rival — Leon Trotsky and his closest associates, which could influence the position of Joseph Dzhugashvili in the domestic and global arena.

To implement the plan was connected to the spy-saboteur Naum Eitingon, who in the course of the development of the operation “Duck” and created two independent terrorist cell, led by Communists-Stalinists.

the Head of the group “Horse” was appointed by the Mexican painter David Siqueiros, a division of “Mother” was directed by Ramon Mercader. Of the paramount importance of this operation is the fact that in addition to the above groups the agents of the NKVD created a backup and the third team to be sure to kill hiding in Mexico Trotsky.

However to show these killers did not, because the failure Siqueiros, whose children during a RAID on a house and are unable to shoot Landau, fixed Mercader. Having gained the confidence of a revolutionary, on 20 August 1940, he freely broke in, and stabbed Trotsky with a blow to the head with an ice pick. Although the death of oppocomponent Stalin came only a day later, the operation was deemed successful.

Under the aegis of the struggle with the Trotskyists agents of the NKVD abroad destroyed a lot of opposition. Victim of special operations was the Austrian socialist Kurt Landau and disappeared secretaries of Trotsky, Erwin wolf and Rudolf Klement.

spared the KGB and of Lev Sedov, a son of Trotsky, mysteriously died in a Paris hospital after surgery for appendicitis. Lev Davidovich was confident that the case involved employees of GPU, to handle advanced technical and biological tools of murder, the traces of which cannot be detected during forensic medical examination.

“Special case” Bandera

“Special case” by the Bandera – Ukrainian nationalists against the Soviet government, was initiated during Stalin’s lifetime, however to behead this movement was only in 1959.

since 1938, the NKVD was closely involved in the elimination of the ideology of the OUN*. The first took the life of Eugene Konovalets, which was blown up by a bomb hidden in a box of chocolates, and the last he Stepan Bandera, who was killed by a shot of the vial of cyanide, which led to the inevitable heart attack.

* – an organization banned in Russia

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