Mel Tucker and his team are ready to defend the Wolverines in 2021.

Michigan State faced some defensive problems in 2021. Miami brought NFL talent onto the field for the Week 3 matchup. Both Nebraska’s and Indiana’s defenses were strong and well-coached.

However, Saturday’s matchup against the Michigan Wolverines may be the most difficult test for Payton Thorne and his Spartan offense.

They’re a good defense. We have seen a lot of films. Thorne stated that they do a lot good stuff. They have good players. We’re looking forward to taking on this tough team.

Although Michigan has many players who can disrupt offenses on the defensive side of the ball, Aidan Hutchinson is the best senior defensive end.

“The defense has been a strong one the last two years, starting with Hutchinson. Connor Heyward, MSU tight end, said that you have to always know where he is at all times.

You want your quarterback to feel as at ease as possible. When I match up with him, I have to do what I can. I’m confident that our offensive line and the other tight ends will be ready.

Hutchinson is leading the Big Ten with six sacks through seven of his first seven games. His senior Wolverine draw a lot attention from opposing offenses which creates opportunities for his fellow teammates.

Heyward said that Hutchinson is an NFL man. Every week, we face NFL guys. One of the most prestigious conferences in the country. He does a great job using his hands. He is a motor much like Kenny Wilekes, a former Spartan. Kenny was a great athlete. Although Kenny wasn’t as well-known, I believe that [Hutchinson] was really good. You just need to be aware of him, much like the Bosas. They are capable of making an impact.”

Redshirt sophomore David Obajo is also making a name for Michigan. Obajo is tied for fifth with five sacks.

“D1 program. “They’ve got ball players everywhere,” Jayden Reed, Michigan State wide receiver, said. “They have a very strong front four and playmakers at the back. We’ll just have to be prepared for this stuff throughout the week and then we’ll watch what happens during game.

Thorne must be aware of junior safety Daxton Hills in the Wolverine secondary. Hill is a strong coverage player and a great space tackle. He has also racked up two interceptions for Michigan.

“On the back end you can clearly see that they have improved since last year. Heyward stated that Number 30 is also a very good player. “[Hill] and Hutchinson] were two men that really stood out to me on film.”

Michigan State must play well against the Wolverine defense on Saturday. The Spartan offense and Mel Tucker, the head coach, aren’t taking this opponent lightly. This week, not so. This is not a game of this size.

Tucker said Michigan’s “sound and solid” players. They play with great technique and fundamentals at the front. They are strong in the trenches and very coordinated in their coverages. They work hard and are very competitive. They are opportunistic and will force takeaways or other such things. They are a strong group that is well-coach and work extremely hard.

These programs both bring stars to the Top 10 showdown. Although Obajo, Hill, and Hutchinson are all feature pros, the Spartans possess a wide range of offensive weapons.

Tailback Kenneth Walker III poses a serious threat to any secondary. Reed and Jalen Nailor are difficult to defend. Michigan State has never faced an offensive with such explosive power.

It’s an exciting matchup between two top Big Ten units, and we’re eager to see how it all unfolds.