Spandau, never forget your story. In memory of the Pieck family, the youth history workshop led by Uwe Hofschläger will be laying stumbling blocks in the old town of Berlin-Spandau on Monday, July 11. The Spandau newsletter now reports on this in its current issue.

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“The purpose is to commemorate the long-established Jewish family Pieck, Alfred and Henriette with their children Lore and Ilse, who lived at Lindenufer 29 in Spandau’s old town”, i.e. right next to the Charlottenbrücke. Youth councilor Oliver Gellert, Green, is now pointing this out.

The family were then expelled from Spandau. “They owned a large clothing store on the market square, which they were forced to give up in 1933 by the National Socialists. In the same year the children had to leave their schools. The Pieck family then left Spandau and moved to Charlottenburg in the hope of being out of the National Socialists’ sight there.

“From then on, the children went to a Jewish school. In January 1939, Ilse and Lore were able to flee to England on a children’s transport. Their parents were able to follow them in March. Ultimately, their flight to the USA ended.”

The department store Pieck was in the old town where the Woolworth block has been since 1954, i.e. at the market corner of Breite Straße. Historical pictures of the department store can be found here at

Ilse Pieck’s daughter, Jackie Shelton, travels from the USA and speaks at the event. Svenja Tietz from the youth history workshop is there. Who wants to come to the commemoration: July 11, 3 p.m.

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