Someone in my life were the heroes of the novel

History 05/02/20 Someone in my life were the heroes of the novel “the dawns here are quiet”

Rita, Zhenya, Sonya, Gail, Lisa – few people know that the unforgettable heroine of the novel “the dawns here are quiet” (and the same movie) in real life was… men.

the background of the “quiet dawns”

the Story “the dawns here are quiet” was published in the magazine “Youth” in 1969, then it was moved to the theater stage. And after 3 years was followed by the classic film adaptation of Stanislav Rostotsky. Unusual for the time the story caused General interest. Readers and viewers were interested in – it is somewhere away from the front really was such a tragic story? Then Boris Vasilyev admitted that the real events which form the basis of the story, girls were not involved. From enemy saboteurs defended a purely “male” squad, the feat which the author originally was going to write.

the Event took place on one of the stations of the Kirov railway, connecting Petrozavodsk to Murmansk. Here on “light plot” — command sent seven men recovering from wounds, soldiers to guard the station. But once in the area, landed a group of saboteurs. Enemies had intended to blow up the rails to prevent the transportation of people and cargo to the front line. The balance of forces was not in favor of the defenders of the station. In their combat capability suffered wounds the red army much inferior physically strong, well-trained Nazis.

Another problem was the lack of weapons, the Russian had to shoot with a single gun. In the end, at the time of the arrival of reinforcements alive was only the commander of the detachment Sergeant – prototype commandant Fedot Vaskov. But he was bleeding, having received several bullet and shrapnel wounds. Subsequently, the survivors were awarded the medal “For military merit”.

the Exact place and time of these events Vasilyev did not mention. Kirovsforge way, as a rule, tried to undermine the Finns, and not Germans, because of what the researchers suggested that it was rather in the Vologda and Arkhangelsk regions, where the “hosted” commandos of the Abwehr. In 2002, however, in the “New magazine” with reference to the military consultant of the movie it was reported that the story that served as the basis for the story Vasiliev, happened at the station of lake kuolemajärvi in Karelia (in Finnish the name means “Lake of death”).

Why girls?

Why is Boris Vasilyev “remade” men in girls? First, the writer relied on a small note in the newspaper “Izvestia” on which, began to invent details. In this the author has helped our own combat experience.

“I started working with this story, had already written seven pages, – said Vasilyev. And suddenly realized that nothing will come of it. It will simply be a special case in the war. There is nothing fundamentally new in this story was not. The work arose. And then suddenly I think — let my character will be in subjection, not men, and young girls”.

a Radical change really benefited from the work which once sounded fresh and relevant. At the front during the great Patriotic war visited 300 thousand women endured hardships as men, but from time to time this side of the war remained in the shadows.

“Women are the hardest in the war <...> And then no-one wrote,” — explained the author of the story.

When creating images of anti-aircraft gunner Vasilyev used the observations on real women. Basically, the writer turned to the collective characters, which embodied the features of different radio operators, spies, nurses, and even classmates of the writer. However, an intelligent Jewish girl Sonya Gurvich, who know the German language, novelist mostly “written off” with his wife – dawns Pole, whom he met while studying at the Military Academy of armored forces. Sonya is described as a quiet modest girl, so was dawn A., who became the Muse for Vasilyev to the end of his days.

we Add that the Director Rostotsky has dedicated his film to the memory of nurse Anna Chugunova that the war saved his life. She on the fragile shoulders pulled Rostotsky from the battlefield after it passed the tank.

Timur Sagdiyev

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