Someone actually made a

History 30/01/20 Someone actually made a “scapegoat” for a putsch

History of the August 1991 coup still raises many questions. Many drew attention to the fact that the participants in the putsch, a coup attempt escaped, in essence, “easy fright”. Stronger than others affected only the Lieutenant General of the KGB Yuri Plekhanov, who played a key role in “foros seat” of Mikhail Gorbachev.

Man Andropov

Yuri Plekhanov was considered one of the closest associates of Yury Andropov. When Andropov was in charge of the Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist party, Plekhanov, in turn, worked as his Secretary, and in 1967, together with the chief went to the KGB. Here Plekhanov first senior officer in the office of the Chairman of KGB of the USSR, and since 1970 has headed 12th, the office of special services in charge of the wiretapping. Even under Brezhnev, he was promoted Lieutenant-General, and when the head of state was Andropov, was head of the 9th Directorate of the KGB – the security service senior officials. Plekhanov remained in this post and in the era of perestroika. While supporters of Mikhail Gorbachev urged him to withdraw the guard from the Soviet KGB and its subordinate directly to the President of the Soviet Union, Plekhanov sought to maintain the status quo.

role in the August 1991

As a subordinate of the Chairman of the KGB Kryuchkov, Plekhanov at the direction of the conspirators 18 Aug flew to foros along with Seninim, Baclanova, Varennikov and Boldin. Without Plekhanov they are simply not allowed to the territory of the protected object. Immediately upon arrival the chief 9-go Department took over the function of leadership in the country and blocked the exits in case, if Gorbachev tried to run from foros. Plekhanov also sent to Moscow, the guard of the President of the USSR Vladimir Medvedev, Gorbachev personally a devotee of a person. In addition, the security chief off the head of the Soviet state special communication and sent to Moscow, the presidential plane, organizing thus, his political “blockade” for three days. Giving orders, Plekhanov left for the capital, leaving the place as “jailer” of his Deputy Vyacheslav Generalov.


on August 22, after the defeat of the coup, the former chief of security was dismissed by the decree of Mikhail Gorbachev. The President of the Soviet Union deprived Plekhanov military rank and state awards (including the order of Lenin, order of the red Star, the order “badge of Honor” and 2 orders of the red banner of Labor). At the same time, Gorbachev created the Office of security at the office of the President of the USSR.

in fact, the demotion meant for Plekhanov the deprivation of a General’s pension. For comparison, Vladimir Kryuchkov has retained the title of General of the army, as well as the Deputy defense Minister Valentin Varennikov. Dmitry Yazov was left by the Marshal. Lost the shoulder straps and Generals.

Externally, the Plekhanov shared the fate of other defendants in the “case emergency Committee” After one and a half years of imprisonment, he was released into the wild. Amnestied by the decision of the state Duma in February 1994. However, Plekhanov dealt the blow was so hard that he, unlike the others of the coup, chose not to engage in any public or commercial activity. From 1994 to 2002 he led the life of an ordinary Russian pensioner. What is the reason for “violence” on Plekhanov? Probably not without a banal personal animosity.

“It was a personal vendetta hypocritical prisoner his formal escort. No more,” — says a veteran of the Soviet intelligence Nikolai Leonov in the article “Tragic August 1991”.

KGB General Mikhail Dokuchaev writes that Gorbachev, in addition to the demotion, Plekhanov called “the Moneymaker”. The former head of the 9th Department also had a way with words. After the August events in conversation with the KGB officer Valery Velichko Plekhanov called Gorbachev “a narcissistic fool, who successfully used a “blind” the enemy.”

Yuri Plekhanov, died 10 July 2002. The same day Vladimir Putin signed a decree posthumously restored his rank and medals. Whether it was the President who came from the KGB – the recognition of the moral correctness of Plekhanov or posthumous act of “mercy”, we can only guess.

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