Some women went to serve in the SS

History 12/02/20 What women went to serve in the SS

the Nazi state and society was characterized by extreme degree of militarism, which has penetrated all spheres of life. And while the men fought in the war, some women worked on the SS and the political police (Gestapo). But anyhow who did not take female candidates were required to pass a rigorous selection.


the Fuhrer of Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler believed that the German woman in the society should not be to fight or to serve in any law enforcement structures. Anyway, a lot of the “real Aryan” – the household and family.

the Outbreak in 1939 of the Second world war has made adjustments to these representations. Deployed on all fronts slaughter demanded that all the new human resources. The men went to the front and in the rear formed a lot of vacancies. They began to take women. Particularly successful in this SS and was part of the structure of the Gestapo. According to the rules, the fairer half of humanity to serve there could not, however, they were given the opportunity to join the SS auxiliary unit. Taken there women were divided into two categories: employee communication services, clerks and similar staff and entourage of the SS – guards in concentration camps.

support services

the candidates in the employee SS of the first category required the possession of minimum skills for that matter, who they were going to do. They set strict limits for his age (17 to 30 years) and ethnicity: there should be a German (or other “origami”) and must not have any relatives from among the representatives of “inferior races”. Wants filed a special form with personal data, then checked her political loyalty and her lack of a criminal record. At the conclusion of the teaching profession future of the employee passed the exam, including knowledge of Nazi ideology.

Entourage SS

Another auxiliary unit of the SS retinue that included guards of the concentration camps. In German Newspapers of the time were periodically placed ads inviting women to such a service. When selecting candidates, preference was given to “socially competent”, which never was attracted neither to the administrative nor to the more criminal liability. One more point – political reliability. Future matron in the course of his life was not supposed to have anything to do with socialist, Communist, liberal and other political forces, the opposition of the ruling Nazi party.

there were also age restrictions, though not as hard as in the first case. To work in the retinue of the SS took the girls and women at the age from 21 years to 45 years, and they had to have good health and stamina. Every candidate presented his biography and the direction of the employment service. Selected sent on courses lasting from one to six months. They explained the rules of conduct with prisoners, taught indifference to their suffering. Gave instructions on how to use force, and also told me that waiting for the guards in close contact with prisoners.

According to the statistics, in the years 1942-1945 through women’s concentration camp ravensbrück passed as the guards looked about 3.5 million Germans.

Bloody Valkyrie

the brutality of the SS entourage were legendary, and of these women was called the “blond beasts”. Most of all on the basis of abuse of prisoners of concentration camps “famous” 22-year-old Irma of the Dream, which worked in ravensbrück, Bergen-Belsen and Auschwitz. Beating and humiliating accidents, she enjoyed it. Many enjoyed the suffering of prisoners when shot them, poisoned hungry dogs, were herded into the gas chambers.

Ivan Proshkin

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