Some wild things happened in the orphanage, where he studied Stalin's son

History 22/01/20 What wild things happened at the orphanage, where he studied Stalin’s son

In the home laboratory under the name of “international solidarity” brought up the children of many party officials. Even the son of Joseph Stalin Vasily visited this preschool institution. However, shortly after the opening of a kindergarten in Moscow has spread about him, bad rumors. After only 4 years, the laboratory has been eliminated.

kinder garden

In the new Soviet Russia of the ideas of the founder of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud was extremely popular. Party leaders (including Leon Trotsky, who was a friend of Freud) had high hopes for psychoanalysis. As noted by Vasily Babkov in his book “the dawn of human genetics”, it is the desire to create a so-called “New Man” and spurred authorities to organizations in the 1920-ies the Moscow State psychoanalytic Institute, as well as experimental children’s home. Since April 1922, the German Association of miners began to supply the last food establishment, whereupon it received the name of “international solidarity”.

Children’s home and laboratory “international solidarity” was considered a kind of elite of a kindergarten. If you believe the publication, “Pedagogical psychology” (publishing house “Vlados-press”), a preschool was visited by the children of revolutionary Fyodor Sergeyev, known as “comrade Artyom”, a military leader Mikhail Frunze, academician Otto Schmidt. One of the pupils of “International solidarity” was the youngest son of Joseph Stalin, Vasili. The total number of inmates of the garden did not exceed 20 people, which allowed teachers to implement an individual approach to each child.

“Raising healthy children”

a modest number of inmates was due to the fact that the home laboratory, conducted research in which course it was necessary to conduct daily nebobservations for each child. Wrote Professor Ivan Yermakov, the Director of “International solidarity”, whose words are quoted in the work of A. A. Paramonova “Psychoanalytic discourse on the child in Russia in the 1920-1930-ies”, the main purpose of the institution was “to develop methods of studying and education of the full social meaning of children.”

To achieve this goal, teachers first refused to judgment against their charges. And, oddly enough, it was the sexual sphere of life. According to Konstantin Repnikov, the author of the book “Treatise on education. A generation of freaks”, sexual needs of children has been elevated to the rank of such everyday needs as hunger or thirst. Therefore, the students did not hesitate to satisfy his desires right in front of teachers. In General, both boys and girls were completely free of any manifestations of his curiosity to each other.

the closure of the establishment

However, those liberties that prevailed in the children’s home and initially do not cause any consternation among senior parents, soon became the cause of various kinds of rumors. Moreover, the teachers of the preschool institution has nothing to hide, and often made presentations at conferences. Meanwhile, according to Valery Leibin in his book “Psychoanalytic tradition and modernity”, at the same time began to gain momentum and Communist ideology, accompanied by criticism of Freud’s teachings. Therefore, all psychoanalytic programs and research were curtailed. And in 1925 was closed and the psychoanalytic Institute.

Then in the home-laboratory “international solidarity” was investigated. The verdict of the Commission, an excerpt from which is given in the publication “the Interregnum in the minds of” Galina Mursalieva, it was said that Masturbation was observed in most of the children living in the orphanage. In the same year 1925, together with a psychoanalytic Institute for the order of people’s Commissar of health Semashko “international Solidarness” was eliminated. It is noteworthy that the formal reason for this decision was too big budget to relocate the contents of the experimental kindergarten.

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