Some of the Soviet women prisoners, the Germans hated the most

History 16/02/20 Some of the Soviet women prisoners, the Germans hated the most

Despite Germany signed the Hague and Geneva Convention on prisoners of war during the Second world war on the Eastern front, their position was not respected. Despite the fact that the Western European theater of operations, the situation was diametrically opposite: captured by the British, the French, the Belgians detained in camps in quite a civilized and comfortable environment. But, says Svetlana Aleksievich’s book, “war has no female face”, the worst fate awaited Soviet female soldiers, many of whom preferred death to captivity.

the debate about whether the outgoing from the top of the order is to equate Soviet female soldiers to the partisans and shot on the spot, are still. Most likely, were, but, apparently, oral rather than written. In the form of a document signed by someone from the leadership of the Third Reich, he is not exactly preserved. But in the archives of the army 4 (was part of the GA “Center”) is an order signed by Kluge, with its review “Women in uniform are shooting and not trapping”. The first months of the war demonstrate that even if the total orders from the leadership of the Wehrmacht was not, special order-level units and military units existed.

There are a lot of documentary evidence, that the captured krasnoarmeec executed with cruelty. Later, the parts were sent to the order OKH (Supreme command of the land forces) on the recognition of krasnoarmeec prisoners of war and the necessity of their capture, however, in the first years of the war the order was carried out reluctantly.

moreover, the order had some “loopholes” which the Germans readily used. So death was to be the “free hand” — the civil resistance to the authorities with arms in hand. It was enough to rip off a captive female militarysecond tunic, and she turned into such a “free hand”. Well, about the numerous provocations and shootings allegedly while trying to escape and say no.

the Snipers, nurses, scout

It is these three categories of Soviet women-soldiers were the most odious to the soldiers and officers of Wehrmacht. And in this list please the representatives of the seemingly peaceful medical profession is not entirely clear. Apparently, after the first days of the war and resistance with which the Germans faced on the Eastern front, any woman in the uniform of the red army caused them frustration and anger.

Wehrmacht Soldier Bruno Schneider in his memoirs, talked about the attempts of the Germans convert captured krasnoarmeec. The Nazis were particularly interested in snipers, scouts, diversantki. But cases move krasnoarmeec to the enemy if there was, it was exceptional. So with the captives in uniform, the Germans especially did not stand on ceremony. Yes, they did not expect any mercy, nor the sweet life: a few grenades to blow himself up and take as many enemies as possible, was a mandatory part of equipment of the majority of female snipers and spies.

By 1943 the situation on the Eastern front began to change, and the Germans began to fear punishment for their atrocities. From the practice of cruel executions after the abuse began gradually to decline, and prison camps began to fill krasnoarmeika.

As Aaron says Schneier in the book “Captured”, they receive passed a mandatory inspection at the gynecologist – for the presence of sexually transmitted diseases. Surprised by the German medical fact that 9 out of 10 unmarried Soviet soldiers ‘ were virgins.

Yaroslav Gorbunov

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